Vocal Local 9

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

Sometimes, however, an MTU hunter can feel rather appreciated in the rare cases where people choose to speak up.

Local Chat with Kathamar

Here are those killmails for you:

Kill: John Vynneve (Mobile Tractor Unit) (Sweet drop!)
Kill: DeathRiderIsComing (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Thank you for the kind words, Kathamar, it makes cleaning-up highsec feel much more worthwhile.

Local Chat with Stephanie Talie-Kuo

It’s always nice to receive a little recognition when I’m travelling around, thanks Stephanie! Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted one PARTOK TOMPSON in the local list there, check out this post for more info.

Local Chat with medsouz

Whilst making a quick pit-stop in Amarr for some Small Secure Containers, I was spotted in local by medsouz.

Local Chat with medsouz and Raven Eratta

I will continue to spread my name throughout New Eden, thank you medsouz. If you’re a new reader, I spread my name throughout space by leaving containers at stargates, this activity is detailed in this post.

Local Chat with Crni Labud

Thank you, Crni, I’m glad you think so!

Local Chat with Zima Surovaya

Here we have an encounter with a fellow named Zima Surovaya, who immediately spoke-up in local after I blew up his MTU.

Kill: Zima Surovaya (Mobile Tractor Unit)

He first attempted to speak to me in French, but then immediately switched to Russian afterwards. Let us use an online translator to see what he had to say for himself!

French: bocoupe trouve77???0
Translates to: bocoupe found77 ??? 0

Hmm, I’m still none the wiser as to what he’s trying to say here..

Russian: лысая тупая бошка)
Translates to: bald stupid boss)

Ah.. Well, as far as insults go, it’s rather creative! Here was my reply to him:

Russian: я могу быть лысым, но я не глупый, друг
Translates to: i may be bald but i’m not stupid, friend

A couple of weeks later, Zima lost yet another MTU, this time to my corpmate Oylpann Kumamato.
Kill: Zima Surovaya (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Sargon Of Amerish recently uploaded a new song to his Youtube channel. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too, check it out here: EVE Online: Shadow Fleet

That’s all for this edition of Vocal Local, but there is plenty more to come. If you see me in local, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with me, even a simple wave can go a long way. Who knows, you might find yourself featured in a future edition of this series.

Vocal Local 8


In a previous post I told you all about the growth of my corp, Empty You, and our POS bashing adventures together. Today, I’d like to wrap things up by telling you about the culture of our corp, along with some of the corp memes that arose from our activities.

POS-popping was the one major activity that brought all of the corp members together, as we would often be scattered all over highsec doing our own respective thing, whether it was suspect baiting out in Simela, MTU hunting in Nakugard, or liberating drones in Osmon. Whenever we weren’t in fleet to take down a tower, the corp felt more like just a glorified chatroom than anything else, but occasionally one or more of us would find something we needed help with, and that help would be there. Don’t have the skills or ships needed to scan down a ‘Magpie’ MTU? No problem, one of us will be along shortly to scan it down for you and whore on that mail! Need a bunch of ammo at less-than-Jita prices? One of us will make it for you (thanks Niya!)

These conveniences made life a lot easier for those of us living firmly in the grey-area of highsec, and actually made it an attractive alternative to just being in your own solo corp. Aside from having people to talk with about your latest kills and other shenanigans, we had each other’s backs, and it was a good feeling.

One of the first corp memes that arose for us began when Oyl would start ribbing me in local whenever we got together to bash a POS.

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato and Pix Severus

Oyl knew that I very much disliked local being quiet, as evidenced through the Vocal Local series on this blog, and coupling that with me occasionally sending him quotes from people who had recognised me in local, formed the template of his series of casual abuse against me!

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus and Seria Arthie

It wouldn’t be long before more corp members joined-in on this too, and most POS bashes thereafter would see me subjected to this kind of teasing.

One thing we liked to do during our latter POS bashing days was to turn it into a fireworks show, we had Mikey to thank for this, he started the practice and always brought along a cargohold filled with fireworks to keep us entertained.

POS Fireworks


POS Fireworks


It was during one such fireworks show, while bashing a POS in Hampinen, that someone suddenly dropped combat probes on us!

Alexis Thunderkunt > Probes at 2.5
Oylpann Kumamato > good
Pix Severus > doesnt look like hes probing us, something nearby maybe
Oylpann Kumamato > they can come see the fireworks show also
Mikey G Udan > Switch to end game lights
Pix Severus > ok he is probing us now
Alexis Thunderkunt > Maybe the faction drones?
Solacia Solette > Figured it was the sunesis
Alexis Thunderkunt > It’s likely a sunesis (I can’t imagine the tradeoffs he had to make to get that expanded launcher on there) let’s see him come try to take them

At that point, he landed on us!

Alexis Thunderkunt > Targeted
Alexis Thunderkunt > And he’s gone
Mikey G Udan > Lol
Pix Severus > :D
Oylpann Kumamato > lol
Mikey G Udan > They are probably like WTF
Alexis Thunderkunt > He maybe had a tab with just drones and was all liek “Jackpot!”

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus, mole big and Solacia Solette

It turned out that Alexis was correct about this fellow who had scanned us down, and we finished our activities that evening with a new friend.

In case you were wondering, the title of this blog post isn’t a mistake, and it’s now time to tell you why. It all began one evening while Oyl and myself were patrolling the Kor-Azor region, hunting for MTUs, we had a POS bash coming up in a couple of days in the system of Ordion, and we wanted to get to know the area a little beforehand.

Earlier that evening, Oyl had killed an MTU owned by a fellow named PARTOK TOMPSON, which resulted in the following conversation in the MTU Hunting chat channel.

Oylpann Kumamato > Kill: PARTOK TOMPSON (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Alexis Thunderkunt > :)
Pix Severus > partok really wanted to make his name loud didnt he?
Alexis Thunderkunt > He seems like the kind of person who might refer to himself in third person. PARTOK TOMPSON does not repeat his name!
Alexis Thunderkunt > So he yells it to make sure you get it the first time.
Pix Severus > lmao alexis
Pix Severus > something about that name just sounds right
Alexis Thunderkunt > Think he was trying to spell Patrick and hit enter before realizing his unchangeable error?
Oylpann Kumamato > like they say, caps lock is cruise control for cool

A few hours, and a few beverages later, the subject of PARTOK came up again.

Pix Severus > roles are such a pain
RockBusta Rhyme > ive had some weird ones throughout the years.
Oylpann Kumamato > You know who never messes up roles?
Oylpann Kumamato > PARTOK TOMPSON
Pix Severus > lmao
Oylpann Kumamato > thats going to be a new eve meme
Alexis Thunderkunt > Lol
Pix Severus > nearly spat my drink out oyl
Oylpann Kumamato > I should rename my ship His name is PARTOK TOMPSON!
Oylpann Kumamato > Probably wouldnt fit though
Pix Severus > fight club reference?
Alexis Thunderkunt > I’m still chucklling about that. Epic timing!
Oylpann Kumamato > nope could just fit “His name is PARTOK T”
Pix Severus > my next ship will be named PARTOK TOMPSON

The night came for our POS bash in Ordion, and I spotted PARTOK in local when getting set up, so of course I let Oyl and Alexis know this as soon as they came online later that night. During the bash itself, we had to explain who this guy was and why we kept talking about him to some of our bemused corp members who were yet to be let-in on the joke.

Over the next few weeks, PARTOK would continue to be name-dropped at random during our conversations, and eventually we would begin using it in local during our POS bashes.

Local Chat with Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus, Leyralyn and Alexis Thunderkunt

“Rats on D-Scan” was another corp meme, which came about due to a random pilot shouting that line in local whenever Oylpann undocked in a particular system.

Local Chat PARTOK TOMPSON, Pix Severus, Oylpann Kumamato, Alexis Thunderkunt and Solacia Solette

Over time, the meme had evolved into the format of the old Chuck Norris meme.

Local Chat Pix Severus, Alexis Thunderkunt, PARTOK TOMPSON and Solacia Solette

Local Chat with Pix Severus, PARTOK TOMPSON and Solacia Solette

Unfortunately that video link doesn’t work anymore because Youtube has become a massive bag of wank lately, so here’s a gif for you.

Local Chat with Oylpann Kumamato, PARTOK TOMPSON, Alexis Thunderkunt and Solacia Solette

I was actually kinda glad that the whole PARTOK thing started, as it took the heat off me for a while in local! The Corp MOTD was also changed to PARTOK TOMPSON, and even today it is the first thing new members of the corp ask about when they join.


This image is linked in the Corp’s MOTD.

I did plan on sending an EVEmail to PARTOK TOMPSON about all of this, but for some reason I never got around to it. To this day, he probably has no idea that a strange bunch of POS-poppers and MTU-touchers had been engaged in some sort of weird pseudo-worship of his character. After I publish this post, I will send him a link to it in a mail, I just hope he doesn’t disapprove, knowing what he is capable of!


Bonus meme!

That just about covers Empty You’s POS bashing days, and it was all so much fun. I hope you enjoyed reading this series, I’m glad I finally got around to writing it. The next series will be a prequel of sorts, in which I’ll detail my personal history with EVE right from the beginning, and tell you everything that lead up to me becoming an MTU hunter.

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