Naming Surprises and Cheeky Disguises 4

It’s time for another edition of what is becoming one of the most popular series on this blog, NS&CD. In this series we take a look at some of the strange, wonderful, or somewhat frightening names that pilots choose to give to their Mobile Tractor Units. I travel all over highsec, so if you live there and currently own a named MTU, there is a good chance you’ll see it featured here at some point in the future.

Before we begin, there have been some wonderful examples of named MTUs featured on Yadot’s blog recently, here and here, and I highly recommend you check those out!

Cardy MTU-B

At first I thought this name might be a reference to a certain American celebrity, but upon closer inspection the MTU’s owner (piloting a Skiff next to it) probably named it after herself. I do wonder what happened to Cardy MTU-A though!


Here we have a couple of named MTUs close together, the grammatically incorrect “A MTU”, and DENOS MOBILE. That second name looks Spanish, let’s crack out the online translator, shall we?

Translates to: GIVE US MOBILE

Hmm, an odd one, but you should really be giving me your mobile. If any Spanish speakers can shed any light on this, please do.

Recycle Bin

Treasure Coffer

Here we have a nice contrast. Quite a few MTU owners like to associate their MTUs with trash, calling them things like bins, trashcans, waste disposal, and the like. Some other MTU owners like to associate them with treasure though, and I personally share that sentiment.

Alara Alandiel's MTU

Here we have another MTU that the owner decided to name after themself. MTUs aren’t named like this by default, so the owner had to go out of their way to name their MTU like the default name for a ship. By the way, you should never leave your ship name as default, finding a pilot on D-Scan through their ship’s name is an easy way to hunt them down.


I believe “Scoop” would be a more appropriate name for an MTU, the only swooping involved with MTUs is when I swoop in and blow them up.

-= K =- -= T =-

These rare ‘Magpie’ MTUs with pretty names were surrounded by a swarm of Ishtars using Wasp II drones. It goes without saying that I was unable to claim them.

Cherry Picker 2

This seems like a good name for an MTU, I wonder if Cherry Picker 1 faced the same fate?


Here we have an MTU named after a popular sci-fi character, although I don’t really understand the connection here. Perhaps some Star Wars nerds can fill me in on this one?

1 Retriever

Here we have what looks like a cheeky disguise, although upon further reflection it could just be a descriptive name, as in the MTU retrieves items through it’s tractor beam.

Although named MTUs seem to be a lot more common these days, cheeky disguises are still somewhat of a rarity. The search continues, and we have more episodes of this series coming up! If you spot any interesting or funny named MTUs out there, please take a screenshot and send it to me (Pix Severus) via EVEmail.

Naming Surprises and Cheeky Disguises 3

Pix Severus Pops 1000 MTUs

It’s been a long time coming, and it would’ve come a lot sooner if it wasn’t for my penchant for taking extended breaks from New Eden, but here we are. I have finally popped 1000 Mobile Tractor Units.

1000 Mobile Tractor Unit Kills

I’m not the first to reach this milestone, and I won’t be the last, there were even some pilots with over 1000 MTU kills before I even took up the sport. Some of the MTU hunters who have achieved this goal, most who I have spoken with personally, are listed below:

Ganolen Morningwood
Karynn Denton
Savage Rose

If you’re an MTU hunter with over 1000 MTU kills to your name, send me a mail and I’ll get you on this prestigious list.

What about the 1000th kill itself, was it anything special?

It certainly was.

My corpmate, Purgo, wanted to do something special for my 1000th kill, so he set up an MTU hunt in the system of Waskisen using an MTU dropped by his alt. I had to find the MTU and scan it down myself (so it was still classed as a hunt) and once I had reached the MTU, Purgo and Solacia Solette joined me in the ritual popping.

Kill: Iiae (‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

I’d like to give a huge thank you to Purgo and Solacia for making the 1000th kill a more meaningful one. I won’t forget it.

1000th MTU Kill

Mobile Tractor Unit Wreck and Fireworks

Pix Severus > thanks again for all this, it couldve just been some random empty mtu out there, but this one had meaning
Purgo > for sure man!
Solacia Solette > It was fun. I bet when you started this adventure you weren’t expecting to get a four digit kill count
Pix Severus > i certainly wasnt sol, but most of all i wouldnt have expected id make friends willing to do something like this for me
Pix Severus > youre both awesome, cheers
Solacia Solette > :D
Purgo > :D

1000 is a nice round number to collect some stats from, which should hopefully provide some more insight into what being an MTU hunter is like.

ISK Destroyed (MTUs): 13.2b

MTUs destroyed by type:
Mobile Tractor Unit: 962
‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 34
‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 4

Other Mobile Deployables destroyed by type:
Mobile Depot: 2
Mobile Micro Jump Unit: 45

Ships lost: 7
ISK lost (Ships): 318m

Biggest kill (ISK destroyed):
Kill: DAS BOOT Saraki (Mobile Tractor Unit) (478m)

Biggest middle finger from the loot fairy:
Kill: GySgt Kossori (Mobile Tractor Unit) (277m) (3.5m dropped)

Solacia, who is also Empty You’s Chief Statistician, kindly produced some more stats for me.

Stats EVEMail from Solacia

Thank you Solacia! The stats certainly show that I was getting a lot more MTU kills back in 2016 than any other time. Now whether that’s due to there being more MTU hunters around today, and less MTUs, or simply because I introduced other activities into the mix, I am not sure.

Finally, it’s time for the long-awaited ceremony.

Pix Severus Awards Pix Severus

I hereby award myself the Elite MTU hunter medal, and now count myself among MTU hunting’s elite.

Medal - 1000 MTUs

If you’d like a medal, you are welcome to join my corp to receive one and leave aftwards. We have medals for 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 MTU kills, along with some other accolades.

I’ve been told that I’m responsible for a lot more MTU deaths than my personal 1000, due to the number of people I’ve inspired to take up this profession. My actual kill count would be thousands more by proxy if I counted the MTU kills of those who took it up because of my blog, or my guide. Indeed, there are a lot more MTU hunters around these days, compared to early 2016 when I started doing this, and there is a lot more MTU destruction throughout New Eden as a result. I don’t know if I’m responsible for that, or if it would have happened naturally anyway though.

I’d just like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to keep on popping MTUs over the years, whether it was through mail, local, or private convo. Another huge thank you, again, to my wonderful corp mates for helping me out whenever they could along the way.

So, what now? I’ve just hit one big ol’ milestone, perhaps it’s time to hang up the Hecate and settle down? Get a comfortable 9-5 ganking job, get married, have 2.5 drones and a pet Fedo. After all, the MTU owners of New Eden have had enough by now, haven’t they?

Hell no.

Lock up those MTUs, I’m coming for more.

MTU Mailbag 7

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

First, lets take a look at a mail from MTU hunter, Pod Watcher.

EVE Mail Pod Watcher

Here’s that killmail for you:

Kill: kus Hamabu (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Great work there, Pod Watcher! Pod is one of the few hunters that routinely removes MTUs from dangerous systems like Amarr and Jita, keep up the great work!

Geras is actually one of the systems where I have an undying container, see this post for more information on this phenomenon.

EVE Mail Chrinni Soivio

Thank you very much for the kind words, Chrinni. I was unsure about the style/theme I chose for my blog at first, but it has grown on me, and now it feels quite homely.

To answer Chrinni’s question, you get a yellow marker (Suspect Status) for shooting an MTU, not a red one. There is more info about this on the MTU FAQ page on this blog, which didn’t exist yet when I first received this mail.

EVE Mail Psycotik Gier


EVE Mail Orion Serini

If Orion’s name looks familiar to you, you might remember him from Vocal Local 8 where he said some nice things to me in local. I decided to dedicate an MTU kill to him in appreciation, here it is for you:

Kill: Sun Ying (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

That’s quite the expensive thing to just leave lying around!

EVE Mail Nemo Harden

Wow, another Magpie! Here’s that killmail for you:

Kill: K-700 TPAKTOP (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

What an excellent first MTU kill for Nemo/Revy. In the small text under the killmail he mentions that he tried to shoot the wreck and got his Huggin CONCORDed, oops! That’s a lesson learned though, and he went on to kill a number of other MTUs, before finding his feet in PvP and racking-up an impressive killboard. Congratulations!

I’ve always believed that MTU hunting is a great way to get pilots interested in PvP, and to help some of them break out of the repetitive PvE cycle that traps so many.

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.

Empty You Empties 3000 MTUs

Things proceed apace for my little corporation since my return to New Eden this summer, in fact the MTUs have been popping regularly whether I’ve been around or not, thanks to the efforts of dutiful corp members.

I noticed some time ago that the corp wasn’t far off this next milestone, and so I promised a small prize of 50m ISK to whoever got the 3000th MTU kill for us. Yesterday, that prize was claimed by corpmate Solacia Solette.

EVE Mail from Solacia Solette

Oh, let me grab those killmails for you.

Kill: phemmp power (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: Dimas Achasse (‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

A nice, juicy Packrat seems very fitting for the 3000th MTU kill, thank you Sol! Also, I am indeed close to my personal milestone of 1000, and there will be a post about that coming shortly.

For now though, it’s time to update the corp description, as is customary. I actually do this for every 100 MTU kills the corp achieves, if I remember to do so.

Empty You Corp Description

A sincere thank you to every corp member who has contributed to this colossal kill count, even if it was just one or two, it all mattered. As we start our journey towards our next 1000 MTU kills, I find myself sitting back, closing my eyes, and thinking about the sheer MTU devastation we have brought upon New Eden. It is a good thought, one of my fondest.

Yadot has updated his blog again with yet more MTU hunting stories, it’s well worth checking out: dont even know what MTU is


Not everyone is happy to see that their friendly. local MTU Hunter has paid them a visit. Indeed, some get so peeved over it that they will even express their displeasure by throwing their ISK around wildly. In this post, I’d like to go over some of the occasions that I’ve been on the receiving-end of such money-flinging.

Putting a bounty on someone’s head in EVE Online might seem like a great way to get back at the people who have wronged you, but it really isn’t. All it succeeds in doing is making the target of your ire look cooler and more dangerous to the newer players. No one attacks other capsuleers based on how high their bounty is anymore, this is mostly due to the fact that you only get a fraction of that bounty paid-out when you kill them, depending on the cost of the target’s ship. At most, a bounty is a nice bonus that comes as more of a “cherry-on-top” after you’ve already killed someone.

It is also possible to “troll” people who have placed a bounty on your head by purposefully dying over and over again in cheap Rookie ships. This will spam the inbox of the bounty-placer with notifications of your death, and if they placed a large amount of ISK on your head, that spam will keep coming for a very long time!

The very first time I received a bounty in my MTU hunting career was detailed in this post, where the MTU’s owner dropped an 80m ISK bounty on my head. My crime? Saving The Damsel, who had been sucked-into an MTU, and was most certainly in distress. Oh, and she still rides with me to this day, in case you were wondering.

The Damsel

The next bounty I received was detailed in this post, where a small sum was put on my head for daring to scoop an abandoned drone and take it to safety. I swear, being a nice guy in New Eden can be more trouble than it’s worth!

Another bounty I received was to the tune of 13.2m ISK, and was placed upon my head by The Angry Miner, Sandra Boirelle. I actually neglected to mention the bounty in that blog post, and unfortunately the bounty notification I received was pruned long ago.

A more recent bounty I received was from a pilot named T M0NEY T, shortly after I had popped his MTU in the system of Aclan one night.

Kill: T M0NEY T (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Bounty from T M0NEY T

This bounty was notable because of the unusal sum he placed upon my head, of 1,000,069 ISK, which tickled me. This warranted a follow-up EVEmail.

EVEmail to T M0NEY T

Aren’t I nice?

He responded a few minutes later.

EVEmail from T M0NEY T

We ended on cordial terms, and he turned-out to be a pretty cool guy about the whole thing. Thanks for being a good sport, T!

The final bounty I want to cover is also a more recent one. I had just passed through a Triglavian invasion system for the first time (I’d been away from New Eden for a while), called Sasta. When I passed through to the neighbouring system, Lashesih, I noticed an MTU laying abandoned near the centre of said system on D-Scan. Let’s take a look at that MTU kill, shall we?

Kill: RoSS Onren (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Nothing special about that kill, right? It is clearly just your standard MTU pop, filled with cheap mission rat droppings valued at less than 1m ISK. But it is what happened next that made that MTU kill very special indeed.

Bounty from RoSS Onren

This is the largest single bounty I have ever received in my MTU hunting career to date. I wonder what was going through the pilot’s mind when he decided to put such a large sum on my head over such a small thing? Did he add an extra 0 or two by mistake? Or was he seriously that upset over a 7m MTU loss? I sent him a follow-up EVEmail to ask him about it, but he never responded, unfortunately.

That just about covers all the bounties I have received thus far in my MTU hunting adventure, and as you can see, it doesn’t happen very often. If you feel that I have wronged you in some way, and you have ISK burning a hole in your wallet, why not put it on my head? I find it most amusing.

Yadot has updated his blog with a few stories and other observations about MTU hunting, check it out here: 400 million Isk

Vocal Local 9

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

Sometimes, however, an MTU hunter can feel rather appreciated in the rare cases where people choose to speak up.

Local Chat with Kathamar

Here are those killmails for you:

Kill: John Vynneve (Mobile Tractor Unit) (Sweet drop!)
Kill: DeathRiderIsComing (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Thank you for the kind words, Kathamar, it makes cleaning-up highsec feel much more worthwhile.

Local Chat with Stephanie Talie-Kuo

It’s always nice to receive a little recognition when I’m travelling around, thanks Stephanie! Eagle-eyed viewers might have spotted one PARTOK TOMPSON in the local list there, check out this post for more info.

Local Chat with medsouz

Whilst making a quick pit-stop in Amarr for some Small Secure Containers, I was spotted in local by medsouz.

Local Chat with medsouz and Raven Eratta

I will continue to spread my name throughout New Eden, thank you medsouz. If you’re a new reader, I spread my name throughout space by leaving containers at stargates, this activity is detailed in this post.

Local Chat with Crni Labud

Thank you, Crni, I’m glad you think so!

Local Chat with Zima Surovaya

Here we have an encounter with a fellow named Zima Surovaya, who immediately spoke-up in local after I blew up his MTU.

Kill: Zima Surovaya (Mobile Tractor Unit)

He first attempted to speak to me in French, but then immediately switched to Russian afterwards. Let us use an online translator to see what he had to say for himself!

French: bocoupe trouve77???0
Translates to: bocoupe found77 ??? 0

Hmm, I’m still none the wiser as to what he’s trying to say here..

Russian: лысая тупая бошка)
Translates to: bald stupid boss)

Ah.. Well, as far as insults go, it’s rather creative! Here was my reply to him:

Russian: я могу быть лысым, но я не глупый, друг
Translates to: i may be bald but i’m not stupid, friend

A couple of weeks later, Zima lost yet another MTU, this time to my corpmate Oylpann Kumamato.
Kill: Zima Surovaya (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Sargon Of Amerish recently uploaded a new song to his Youtube channel. I really enjoyed it, and I hope you will too, check it out here: EVE Online: Shadow Fleet

That’s all for this edition of Vocal Local, but there is plenty more to come. If you see me in local, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with me, even a simple wave can go a long way. Who knows, you might find yourself featured in a future edition of this series.

Vocal Local 8

MTU Mailbag 6

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

First up, we have a question from a budding new MTU hunter.

EVE Mail Hakaru Song

I told him to make sure he had deployables on scan, as that had changed recently, and I was in the process of updating my guide to include that information at the time.

EVE Mail Hakaru Song

Ah ha! Problem solved. Always bring combat probes, guys! Oh, and Hakaru did indeed get his first MTU kill:

Kill: Xeng He (Mobile Tractor Unit)

EVE Mail FuChita

Thank you very much, FuChita! I’ll certainly try to keep it up.

EVE Mail Havoc Tekitsu


EVE Mail Havoc Tekitsu

Haha, thanks Havoc! I’m glad you liked it.

EVE Mail Tau Adoulin

Thank you Tau! Looking at his killboard, he didn’t give MTU hunting a try, on that character at least. It would be nice if he had an alt somewhere filled with MTU kills though.

EVE Mail Rohkea Avestrii

If Rohkea’s name looks familiar to you, it is most likely because one of his mails was featured in the last episode of MTU Mailbag. He had sent me a mail a couple of months beforehand after seeing one of my containers in his local system, just to say hello. I was very happy to learn that he was now actually giving deployable hunting a try for himself. Here’s that Mobile Depot kill for you:

Kill: Roseta mallard (Mobile Depot)

Mobile Depots are the scourge of MTU hunters everywhere, as they clutter-up scan and are annoying to kill because they have a 48 hour timer. Thanks for doing us all a great service, Rohkea!

Oh, and if Roseta’s name looks familiar to you, he was featured in this post on the blog, as he’d made his POS magically disappear one night before my corp were due to dismantle it.

Small world!

Vishnu Calm updated his blog yesterday with some useful information and fitting advice for the Structure Bashing Leshak. His blog is teeming with useful guides and fits, I highly recommend you check it out: ShipFitPod

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.


In a previous post I told you all about the growth of my corp, Empty You, and our POS bashing adventures together. Today, I’d like to wrap things up by telling you about the culture of our corp, along with some of the corp memes that arose from our activities.

POS-popping was the one major activity that brought all of the corp members together, as we would often be scattered all over highsec doing our own respective thing, whether it was suspect baiting out in Simela, MTU hunting in Nakugard, or liberating drones in Osmon. Whenever we weren’t in fleet to take down a tower, the corp felt more like just a glorified chatroom than anything else, but occasionally one or more of us would find something we needed help with, and that help would be there. Don’t have the skills or ships needed to scan down a ‘Magpie’ MTU? No problem, one of us will be along shortly to scan it down for you and whore on that mail! Need a bunch of ammo at less-than-Jita prices? One of us will make it for you (thanks Niya!)

These conveniences made life a lot easier for those of us living firmly in the grey-area of highsec, and actually made it an attractive alternative to just being in your own solo corp. Aside from having people to talk with about your latest kills and other shenanigans, we had each other’s backs, and it was a good feeling.

One of the first corp memes that arose for us began when Oyl would start ribbing me in local whenever we got together to bash a POS.

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato and Pix Severus

Oyl knew that I very much disliked local being quiet, as evidenced through the Vocal Local series on this blog, and coupling that with me occasionally sending him quotes from people who had recognised me in local, formed the template of his series of casual abuse against me!

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus and Seria Arthie

It wouldn’t be long before more corp members joined-in on this too, and most POS bashes thereafter would see me subjected to this kind of teasing.

One thing we liked to do during our latter POS bashing days was to turn it into a fireworks show, we had Mikey to thank for this, he started the practice and always brought along a cargohold filled with fireworks to keep us entertained.

POS Fireworks


POS Fireworks


It was during one such fireworks show, while bashing a POS in Hampinen, that someone suddenly dropped combat probes on us!

Alexis Thunderkunt > Probes at 2.5
Oylpann Kumamato > good
Pix Severus > doesnt look like hes probing us, something nearby maybe
Oylpann Kumamato > they can come see the fireworks show also
Mikey G Udan > Switch to end game lights
Pix Severus > ok he is probing us now
Alexis Thunderkunt > Maybe the faction drones?
Solacia Solette > Figured it was the sunesis
Alexis Thunderkunt > It’s likely a sunesis (I can’t imagine the tradeoffs he had to make to get that expanded launcher on there) let’s see him come try to take them

At that point, he landed on us!

Alexis Thunderkunt > Targeted
Alexis Thunderkunt > And he’s gone
Mikey G Udan > Lol
Pix Severus > :D
Oylpann Kumamato > lol
Mikey G Udan > They are probably like WTF
Alexis Thunderkunt > He maybe had a tab with just drones and was all liek “Jackpot!”

Local Chat Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus, mole big and Solacia Solette

It turned out that Alexis was correct about this fellow who had scanned us down, and we finished our activities that evening with a new friend.

In case you were wondering, the title of this blog post isn’t a mistake, and it’s now time to tell you why. It all began one evening while Oyl and myself were patrolling the Kor-Azor region, hunting for MTUs, we had a POS bash coming up in a couple of days in the system of Ordion, and we wanted to get to know the area a little beforehand.

Earlier that evening, Oyl had killed an MTU owned by a fellow named PARTOK TOMPSON, which resulted in the following conversation in the MTU Hunting chat channel.

Oylpann Kumamato > Kill: PARTOK TOMPSON (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Alexis Thunderkunt > :)
Pix Severus > partok really wanted to make his name loud didnt he?
Alexis Thunderkunt > He seems like the kind of person who might refer to himself in third person. PARTOK TOMPSON does not repeat his name!
Alexis Thunderkunt > So he yells it to make sure you get it the first time.
Pix Severus > lmao alexis
Pix Severus > something about that name just sounds right
Alexis Thunderkunt > Think he was trying to spell Patrick and hit enter before realizing his unchangeable error?
Oylpann Kumamato > like they say, caps lock is cruise control for cool

A few hours, and a few beverages later, the subject of PARTOK came up again.

Pix Severus > roles are such a pain
RockBusta Rhyme > ive had some weird ones throughout the years.
Oylpann Kumamato > You know who never messes up roles?
Oylpann Kumamato > PARTOK TOMPSON
Pix Severus > lmao
Oylpann Kumamato > thats going to be a new eve meme
Alexis Thunderkunt > Lol
Pix Severus > nearly spat my drink out oyl
Oylpann Kumamato > I should rename my ship His name is PARTOK TOMPSON!
Oylpann Kumamato > Probably wouldnt fit though
Pix Severus > fight club reference?
Alexis Thunderkunt > I’m still chucklling about that. Epic timing!
Oylpann Kumamato > nope could just fit “His name is PARTOK T”
Pix Severus > my next ship will be named PARTOK TOMPSON

The night came for our POS bash in Ordion, and I spotted PARTOK in local when getting set up, so of course I let Oyl and Alexis know this as soon as they came online later that night. During the bash itself, we had to explain who this guy was and why we kept talking about him to some of our bemused corp members who were yet to be let-in on the joke.

Over the next few weeks, PARTOK would continue to be name-dropped at random during our conversations, and eventually we would begin using it in local during our POS bashes.

Local Chat with Oylpann Kumamato, Pix Severus, Leyralyn and Alexis Thunderkunt

“Rats on D-Scan” was another corp meme, which came about due to a random pilot shouting that line in local whenever Oylpann undocked in a particular system.

Local Chat PARTOK TOMPSON, Pix Severus, Oylpann Kumamato, Alexis Thunderkunt and Solacia Solette

Over time, the meme had evolved into the format of the old Chuck Norris meme.

Local Chat Pix Severus, Alexis Thunderkunt, PARTOK TOMPSON and Solacia Solette

Local Chat with Pix Severus, PARTOK TOMPSON and Solacia Solette

Unfortunately that video link doesn’t work anymore because Youtube has become a massive bag of wank lately, so here’s a gif for you.

Local Chat with Oylpann Kumamato, PARTOK TOMPSON, Alexis Thunderkunt and Solacia Solette

I was actually kinda glad that the whole PARTOK thing started, as it took the heat off me for a while in local! The Corp MOTD was also changed to PARTOK TOMPSON, and even today it is the first thing new members of the corp ask about when they join.


This image is linked in the Corp’s MOTD.

I did plan on sending an EVEmail to PARTOK TOMPSON about all of this, but for some reason I never got around to it. To this day, he probably has no idea that a strange bunch of POS-poppers and MTU-touchers had been engaged in some sort of weird pseudo-worship of his character. After I publish this post, I will send him a link to it in a mail, I just hope he doesn’t disapprove, knowing what he is capable of!


Bonus meme!

That just about covers Empty You’s POS bashing days, and it was all so much fun. I hope you enjoyed reading this series, I’m glad I finally got around to writing it. The next series will be a prequel of sorts, in which I’ll detail my personal history with EVE right from the beginning, and tell you everything that lead up to me becoming an MTU hunter.

Going POStal:
1. A not-so-Empty You
2. What’s in a Name?
3. The Two Towers
4. X Marks the Spot
5. Strange Times in Lower Debyl
6. A Definitely-not-Empty You

MTU Hunting Chat Channel

The MTU Hunting chat channel is the place to hang out if you enjoy hunting MTUs, especially if you want to share some of the more interesting MTU-related killmails you generate to a receptive audience. We are very welcoming no matter what your profession in New Eden may be, so why not pop by sometime? Even just a wave is very much appreciated. o/

The following are some screenshots and other excerpts from the channel, chosen at random from my EVE backup folder, which at this point is nearing the digital equivalent of a neutron star.

MTU Hunting chat channel

MTU Hunting chat channel

First up, we have a short chat with Tyrambo, who joined the channel after I had popped his MTU.

Kill: Tyrambo (Mobile Tractor Unit)

After this chat he kindly sent me a donation of 5m ISK!

5m ISK from Tyrambo

Thanks Tyrambo!

Khaza Elliott > o/
Khaza Elliott > Pix Severus oh you’re the guy with the blog
Khaza Elliott > read that a while ago. mad props
Khaza Elliott > knew that name sounded familiar

Unfortunately, I wasn’t around when Khaza dropped these nice comments in the channel for me. Khaza did become somewhat of a regular in the channel for a while though. Thanks Khaza! Drop by again sometime!

MTU Hunting chat channel

Sometimes my language can become quite colourful, please excuse me. After 4 years of running level 4 security missions, my attitude towards them has soured somewhat. I don’t regret the knowledge I’ve gained from it though, as it has proven very useful in my MTU hunting career on numerous occasions.

Grande Castora > o7
Grande Castora > got question – killing mtu makes you suspect or not? trigger concord?
Pix Severus > o/
Pix Severus > makes you suspect, doesnt trigger concord, doesnt give kill rights
Grande Castora > aha.. but with suspec can i dock stations?
Grande Castora > or better just stay in safe spot?
Pix Severus > you can dock as suspect, yes, but you get a 1min weapon timer after the MTU dies, you have to wait for that first minute before you can dock or use a gate
Pix Severus > if you want to dock safely, fly to a station, get close to it, and create a bookmark/location, then warp to that, you will be at 0 on the station and can dock immediately
Pix Severus > can just stay in the safe spot too, but watch out for others probing you down :)
Grande Castora > heh:)
Grande Castora > du i need much dps to kill mtu?
Grande Castora > do*
Pix Severus > the more dps the better, they can take a while to go down, takes a couple of mins in my svipul (500dps)
Pix Severus > 2-3 mins
Grande Castora > but owner of mtu got any notification that this mtu is under attack?
Pix Severus > im not entirely sure, but ive never had an mtu owner come back
Pix Severus > they get the killmail message after it pops
Grande Castora > aha…so u just sit and kill. looking for d sacn for probing down
Pix Severus > keep an eye on dscan when shooting the mtu, yes
Pix Severus > dont do what i did once, i forgot to recall my combat probes, saw them on dscan when i was killing an mtu, and scared myself!
Grande Castora > xD
Pix Severus > lol
Grande Castora > cool. thx for all answers. ill try that:) gl in your journey
Grande Castora > cu
Grande Castora > o7
Pix Severus > cheers, seeya o/

Here we have a pleasant and educational chat with Grande Castora, who was looking for more information on how to go about hunting MTUs. If you ever have any questions regarding it, I am always here to help.

Edit: In regards to the question above about the MTU’s owner getting a norification that it’s under attack or not, I can now answer this question. Huge thanks to Purgo, who just went out and shot his out-of-corp alt’s MTU to test this theory, we can confirm that the MTU’s owner does NOT get a notification when it is under attack. They will only get the lossmail notification after the MTU dies.

MTU Hunting chat channel

You heard it here first, folks. Get to hunting! You’d better know your MTU-fu though.

MTU Hunting chat channel

Some of the old memes are still the best, here is the one I referenced in this screenshot.

There are more of these to come, so stick around, or better yet join the channel in-game by clicking on the big E in the top-left of your game window, go to Social > Chat Channels, then type ‘MTU Hunting’ in the search box and click Join. The channel’s MOTD is updated whenever I upload a new blog post, so it’s a great way to stay up to date. Please do bear in mind the channel isn’t always active, depending on timezones, etc.

Speaking of the MTU Hunting chat channel, I recently met Ax’l Thorne, a master of MTU hunting and highsec shenanigans, in that very channel. He expressed a desire to start a blog of his own, to tell some of the crazy stories he has accumulated in his time in New Eden, and I encouraged him to do so. Here it is: The Thorne in Your Side
(I came up with the name, hehe).

I also recently came into contact with a fellow named Rami Taredi, an accomplished MTU hunter, suspect baiter, and PvPer, who just so happens to have an alt in my corp. He has had quite the adventure in his time in New Eden, and he has great style and wit to boot. All of this makes his blog a must-read: Barry’s Piracy
(Look out for the epic 5-parter in which he actually gets someone banned from the game!)

A Definitely-not-Empty You

In previous posts, I told you about the early days of my corporation, Empty You [EMTU], as we embarked on a mission to remove as many POSes from highsec as possible, alongside our usual MTU removal service. In this post, I would like to summarise the growth of my corp thereafter, leading towards the eventual end of our POS-related activities.

Shortly after the events of the last post, we popped one more POS, and then that was it, we had well and truly burned ourselves out. We had started bashing POSes in mid-May 2017, and concluded operations mid-June of the same year. Less than a month after we had begun this activity, it was now time for a break. We had popped a respectable 28 Control Towers, and 127 starbase structures in total, not counting the vast amounts of unanchored POS modules we’d scooped and stashed in stations. Highsec was a little cleaner, but I now understand that there is a fine-line between providing content, and not burning-out.

It wouldn’t be until March 2018 when corp activites would finally begin ramping-up once again, and the POS-popping would resume. We began slowly, taking our time to ensure we wouldn’t burn-out again. With most POSes in highsec completely stripped of loot-bearing arrays at this time, we shifted our focus somewhat, opting to take down Control Towers we had never killed before, in a sort-of “pop one of every type of tower” minigame, rather than focusing solely on arrays and loot. This worked for us, and we would find other minigames to enhance our gameplay in other areas too. There is still an ongoing competition within the corp to pop MTUs using as many different types of ship as possible. I believe Oyl is currently far in the lead on that one!

Pix Severus, Carnivorous Swarm, Oylpann Kumamato, Niyalyn

Pix Severus, Carnivorous Swarm, Oylpann Kumamato, and Niyalyn.

At this point the corp still consisted of just myself, Niyalyn, and Oylpann Kumamato, but soon we would find ourselves inundated with fresh applications to the corp. The people applying would usually be friends of ours who we chatted with regularly in the MTU Hunting chat channel.

The first person to join us was Kogen in late 2017, he was a man who had taken to the MTU hunting profession quite well. Unfortunately he joined us during a period of downtime, and the corp wasn’t active and/or stimulating enough to keep him around. I wish he’d joined us later, or had stuck around for just a little bit longer, when things started to pick up.

The first person to join us after POS-related activities had resumed was Alexis Thunderkunt, also known as “The Drone Whisperer” due to his penchant for finding ridiculous quantities of expensive drones laying abandoned throughout highsec. You might remember Alexis from the blog posts Finders Keepers, and Empty You Empties 1000 MTUs. Just a few days later we were joined by a long-time friend of the corp, Rosov Aulmais. The first I had heard of Rosov was through a friend, he told me that there was this guy going around killing MTUs in an ECM-fit Scorpion, at that point I knew that this man meant business. You should recognise Rosov from the post The Holy Grail? Again? if you’ve been a recent reader.

Alexis Thunderkunt, Rosov Aulmais, PI Tool1, Mr Chili Palmer

Alexis Thunderkunt, Rosov Aulmais, PI Tool1, and Mr Chili Palmer.

The next person to join us was PI Tool1. If you’re a long-term reader of this blog, then that name will probably look familiar to you as he features in an old post named Vocal Local 2. I had met PI during my early days of MTU hunting, but it was years later that PI found my blog, and decided to join the corp. Shortly after PI joined us, we were joined by another long-time friend, Mr Chili Palmer. Chili was a man who had dabbled with MTU hunting in the past, and also did a lot of wormhole PvP. If you recognise his name, you might remember him from Return of an MTU Hunter and MTU Mailbag 4.

Some of the latter additions to our corp were Solacia Solette, a dedicated MTU hunter and drone collector, who was also the brainchild behind the corp’s slogan “You drop ’em, we pop ’em.” Mikey G Udan, another dedicated hunter, who preferred using a Tengu for his hunts, and Deep Choad, a PvPer who wanted to try something a little different for a while. All three of these fine fellows are featured in the post Back For More, which is about one of the few corp competitions we ran around this time. The last person to join us during this period was Emrald Rayne, an MTU hunter and PvPer who did highsec, and MTU hunters everywhere a great service, by removing vast quantities of Mobile Depots from space.

Solacia Solette, Mikey G Udan, Deep Choad, Emrald Rayne

Solacia Solette, Mikey G Udan, Deep Choad, and Emrald Rayne.

If I wanted to, I could write an entire blog post about each member, but a general overview will suffice for now. Some of them have also moved-on from the corp, but thankfully most of those who have left still remain a part of our little community through the MTU Hunting chat channel.

There are a few memorable POS-bashes we had together during this era, mostly because something new, or weird, had happened. I’d like to cover those events now.

The Disappearing Act

One notable event was what we sometimes refer to as “The Bash that Never Happened”. We had wardecced EVE BUSINESS CAREER GUIDE CORP [EBCGC] belonging to a pilot named Roge Alt One, because they owned a tower with a few desirable arrays. When researching this corp, I followed the link in the corp’s description, which was supposed to be some guide on how make ISK in EVE, but instead I found a very poorly written website that was filled with nonsensical cult-like ramblings. If you have ever read something written by a schizophrenic, then you’ll know just how incomprehensible this site was. The site is no longer up, and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything using the Wayback Machine to show you what I mean, but it was clear that English wasn’t his first language at least. After that, I looked up Roge’s alt/main Roseta mallard, and found that he’d had some trouble with CODE. in the past. Expecting something fun, or at least a little bit weird, I was excited to declare war on this.. entity.

Well, something a little weird did indeed happen, but it didn’t exactly provide us with any fun. Just before the war went live, Niya sent a scout into the system as usual, to check for war targets, or to see if the POS had been fuelled, only to find nothing. Yes, absolutely nothing. They had packed-up their POS completely and had shipped it off god knows where. This was the first time we’d ever seen someone do this, and hadn’t even considered it as a possibility to be quite honest. Our primary purpose with these POS bashes was to clean-up highsec from the large amount of signatures that POSes put-out though, so our purpose had been fulfilled, albeit in a way we weren’t expecting. Well played, Roge/Roseta!

The Legacy of DiaRosCris

While hunting for MTUs in the system of Eiluvodi one evening, I spotted a POS on scan that had a couple of arrays, so I decided to add it to our list of potential targets as usual. When I add a target to the list, I note down the name of the corp that owns the POS so I can easily wardec them when it’s time, I also look up the corp’s members and killboard for anything interesting. The corp that owned this POS was called Agram Interstellar [AGRAM] an inactive 1-man corp owned by DiaRosCris. I recognised the CEO’s name instantly because it is rather unique, and that person had been featured on an old Minerbumping post I’d read years ago.

Corp Chat with Alexis Thunderkunt and Oylpann Kumamato

We’d had a few drinks that night, and corp chat was indeed rather silly at times. Old stories of battle, and Alexis’ home-brewed banana wine were the topics of choice that night, along with my usual flavour of bad jokes. The POS bash went by uneventfully, but I always remember it because we were the final cleanup crew that removed the last remnants of DiaRosCris from New Eden. It was also Alexis’ first POS bash with the corp, a time to remember indeed.

The Dark Path

I remember this next one because we didn’t encounter online targets all that often. One night, after making our way to the Kador region, we were setting-up to hit multiple POSes when I noticed 4 war targets docked-up in Khafis. These guys belonged to DarkPath [DKPTH] and owned one of the POSes we were due to hit that night. While waiting for the rest of our corp to get online, we started bashing our first target in the system of Gonan, right next-door to Khafis. As soon as our first POS target went down, and with more of our corp members now online, we headed-out to Khafis and the surrounding systems to see what was going on with these war targets.

With Oyl in a cloaky ship, he popped-into Khafis first to take a look at what they were doing. They had all formed-up behind the bubble of their now-fuelled POS, which already had plenty of guns around it, that were now online. They had also completed their setup with a slew of ECM modules and shield hardeners that they had added in the meantime. They’d got us, we simply didn’t have the ships needed to take on a POS this well defended, and following Rosov’s advice, we just moved-on to continue bashing our next target. Well played DarkPath.

We did have the last laugh though, as a few days later, when Rosov was roaming through the area, he managed to catch one of them on a gate flying a PVE-fit cruiser.

Kill: Deltagram (Caracal)

Eventually, our bashing days came to an end, in much the same manner that most things do in EVE (at least for me). A few corp members take a break, a couple leave the corp for better things, and before long you find yourself taking a break too, leaving things to fizzle-out. To every member of Empty You, past and present, it was fun destroying Starbases with you. We did some solid work together, removing 50 Control Towers from highsec, and totalling 201 Starbase Structures destroyed. Job well done.

This may not be the end of our shenanigans with POSes, as I am exploring options in regards to continuing this activity in the future, now that I’m back in New Eden. With POSes supposedly being removed from EVE soon (I hear CCP are having some trouble in that regard) if you’ve ever wanted to try out POS bashing yourself, take my advice and do it now before it’s too late.

There were more events surrounding our POS bashes that I haven’t covered in this post, but I’ll save those for another time. The next post in this series will be the finale, and will cover our corp’s culture.

To be continued.