Here you will find useful links to EVE Online-related websites and resources. If you have a website, blog, video channel or anything similar you would like to see featured here, drop a comment on any post, or contact me (Pix Severus) in-game or on the EVE Forums.

Official EVE Online Sites (CCP Games)
EVE Online – The official website
EVE Online Youtube – The official Youtube channel
EVE Online Twitch – The official Twitch channel

EVE Online Forums – The official forums
EVE Online Forums Archive – The old official forums
EVE Search – A tool for searching through old EVE forum posts
Backstage – EVE roleplay discussion forums

EVE University Wiki – General and specialised information on many aspects of EVE
zKillboard – See who has died in a hilarious (or not) way lately, also a valuable intel tool
DOTLAN Evemaps – A great map resource
EVEMarketer – Check the markets across New Eden, anywhere, any time!
Evepraisal – A great way to quickly check prices from scan results
EVE-Survival – Full guides on how to complete various missions in EVE
Eve Who – Intel on players, corporations, alliances, etc
EvE-Scout Rescue – Trapped in a wormhole? These guys will get you out
Item Viewer – A great way to check in-game items without having to actually be in-game

Other Sites
Total Eve! – A vast listing of many EVE sites
EVE-Radio – EVE’s player-run radio station

Eve Bloggers – A vast listing of many EVE blogs
WordPress: EVE Online – The EVE Online category on WordPress
MinerBumping – One of the most notorious and popular blogs EVE has ever seen. Sadly no longer updated, but still a great wealth of ganking/bumping-related stories and information
James 315 Space – The new blog for CODE. and The New Order of Highsec
I apologize for nothing! – An incredible blog filled with stories of piracy, scamming, ganking and PvP in general. A must-read for anyone looking into the dark side of EVE
EVE Travel – A great way to learn about some of EVE’s more picturesque locations
The Ancient Gaming Noob – A very popular and long-running EVE blog (also features others games)
EVE Online Pictures – Filled to the brim with great EVE screenshots
Yadot – I’ve found myself enjoying this blog lately, and it’s also a great resource on COSMOS and Anomic missions.
The Thorne in Your Side – A new blog made by an MTU Hunting friend of mine. Some amazing stories to be found there!
Barry’s Piracy – A great blog made by a corpmate, filled with fantastic stories of MTU hunting, suspect baiting, and all that good stuff.
ShipFitPod – A great guide to running Abyss content in EVE.