Vocal Local 11

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

Sometimes, however, an MTU hunter can be rather pleased that the locals still remember him, even after returning from a very lengthy break.

Local Chat with Firlefranz

I had just returned to EVE after a year and a half away, and I was in the process of replenishing my network of named containers across New Eden when I received this nice message in local. Thanks Firlefranz!

Local Chat with Maddogmaddis Saint

Sometimes people see me travelling around the quiet backwater systems in a Hecate, and assume I’m doing exploration/site running. If only they knew!

Local Chat with Dace Cad

I missed this salute from Dace Cad as I was travelling through Iidoken. I remembered his name from somewhere, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I decided to send him a mail regardless, as I usually do when I miss someone greeting me in local.

EVEmail with Dace Cad

This response made me remember why I recognised his name.

EVEmail with Dace Cad

Here’s a link to the post I mentioned in the above mail. Thanks for being a good sport about it all, Dace!

Local Chat with Mylee Rose

Here we have a pleasant exchange with Mylee Rose, a member of CODE.

Local Chat with Mylee Rose

I do enjoy talking with CODE. agents as they tend to be a lot more vocal than most pilots in highsec, on average.

Local Chat with Omah Gans and Bhisma Ataaru

I popped into Umokka one evening to find local chat buzzing, and as is usual, the locals were talking about The Code. In this instance, they were discussing the merits of owning a mining permit.

Local Chat with Omah Gans and Bhisma Ataaru

It seems that Omah had bought a mining permit, and was defending his purchase to some other locals who had objected to it. Shortly after this, some of them started talking about putting tanks on Ventures to make them ungankable, I told them that this wasn’t a good idea, but was ultimately ignored.

Local Chat with Brin Eventine

Here we have a nice chat with Brin Eventine, who mentioned the containers I tend to leave strewn across highsec.

Local Chat with J Abysser

In the same system, J Abysser joined the chat after I commented on the system’s name (I just had to!) Unfortunately Nani is now a ghost town after it was invaded by the Triglavians, who took it into Final Liminality.

Local Chat with Aesir Valtari

It is a rather good name if I do say so myself. Thanks Aesir!

That’s all for this edition of Vocal Local, but there is plenty more to come. If you see me in local, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with me, even a simple wave can go a long way. Who knows, you might find yourself featured in a future edition of this series.

Vocal Local 10

2 thoughts on “Vocal Local 11

  1. local used to be very vocal back in the day. every system would get told to get my fucking ass out and fuck your mother. i miss the old days.



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