If you are new to EVE Online, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of seemingly indecipherable jargon that EVE players tend to use. This guide will hopefully serve as an easy to use reference that you can come to whenever players are saying complicated EVE things to you.

As this guide is intended to help out new players who are reading my blog, I will mostly stick to MTU Hunting-related terminology for the time being. An alternative for more EVE-related jargon-busting can be found here.

Words & Phrases

Awox – To infiltrate a corporation/alliance and bring it to it’s knees from within.
Blap – To kill someone or something quickly.
Brawl – To get an enemy into close range, within the optimal range of your ship’s guns.
Burn – To burn to something is to fly towards it very quickly with your afterburner or microwarpdrive enabled.
Bookmarks – Now known as “Locations”, are used to mark a spot in a system that you can warp to.
Carebear – Someone who cares too much about their ship, and will invariably get angry when they lose it.
CONCORD – The space police. They will destroy the ship of anyone who ganks another player in highsec, however, this measure is punitive, not preventative.
Cyno – Cynosural Field. Allows players to jump to the cyno’s location from multiple systems away.
D-Scan – Directional Scan, used for scanning down players and objects.
Docking Bookmark – The art of creating a bookmark as close to the centre of a station’s location as possible, so that you can land at 0 on the station every time to avoid being caught by the enemy.
Facpo – Faction Police. Any player whose security status is lower than -5 may find themselves being chased by the police of the four main factions (Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, Minmatar). The Facpo are slower than CONCORD and can be avoided indefinitely, as long as the player keeps warping around the system.
Fit – This refers to the modules and/or guns you have put on your ship.
Gank – The art of destroying another player’s ship in highsec before CONCORD can intervene.
Gate Camp – When players wait for other players to jump through, or warp to, a Stargate, and then kill them.
Highsec – High Security Space (0.5 – 1.0).
Hotdrop – To activate a cynosural field during a fight, allowing powerful reinforcements to join and overwhelm the enemy.
Killmail – When you kill a player, destroy their property, or get killed yourself, a killmail is generated. This killmail can be found in Character Sheet > Interactions > Combat Log and can be linked-to/shared with other players.
Killboard – This relates to a third-party site that lists and organises killmails for easy viewing and statistic analysis. An example of a killboard can be found here: Pix Severus – zKillboard
Killboard Padding – This is the art of filling your killboard with easy kills to inflate your killboard statistics.
Kill Right – If you gank someone in highsec, the player you killed gets a kill right against you, which can be activated at any time to give you suspect status, allowing others to kill you.
Kite – To keep an enemy at long range, at the optimal range of your ship’s guns.
Local – This refers to Local Chat in any given system.
Locator Agents – NPCs, who, with the correct standings, will find the location of another player for you, for a price.
Lowsec – Low Security Space (0.1 – 0.4).
Neutral Reps/Logi – This refers to the art of repairing your ship’s shield or armor using an out-of-corp alt who is flying a logistics ship.
Nullsec – Null Security Space (0.0).
Pod – To destroy a player’s capsule/pod. “I’m going to pod you.” “The player was podded.”
Point – To apply a point of Warp Scramble (using a Warp Disruptor) to an enemy ship, preventing it from going into warp.
Pop – To make a ship or structure explode.
Red Blinky/Flashy – This refers to someone who has recently committed an offense (gank) in highsec that results in CONCORD destroying their ship. These players are free to kill in highsec without CONCORD intervention by any player.
Rep/Repping – To repair your ship’s armor or structure with a repair module.
Repper – This refers to a module that can repair the armor or structure of a ship.
Roam – To travel through space looking for targets to kill.
Rookie Ship – These are now known as Corvettes. Also known as “noobships.”
Scram – To warp scramble an enemy ship, preventing it from going into warp, using a Warp Scrambler.
Sec Status – Security Status. Each player has their own security status, if you kill a lot of pirate NPCs in highsec, you will get a positive sec status. If you gank players in highsec, you will gain a negative sec status. If your sec status drops too low you will be chased by the facpo in highsec.
Suspect – This refers to someone who has recently committed a suspect-level offense. These players are free to kill in highsec without CONCORD intervention by any player.
Undock Bookmark – The art of creating a bookmark that you can warp to, that is straight ahead from the station’s undock, allowing you to enter warp almost instantly to avoid enemies camping the undock.
Wardec – When one corporation/alliance declares war on another corporation/alliance.
Watch List – Now known as the Buddy List, a system that allows you to see when players are online.
Web – To slow down an enemy ship using a Stasis Webifier.
Whelp – To have your ship destroyed in a one-sided or meaningless manner.
X Up – To indicate readiness to your fleet by typing an “x” in chat.
Yellow Blinky/Flashy – This also refers to someone who has recently committed a suspect-level offense. These players are free to kill in highsec without CONCORD intervention by any player.


AB = Afterburner
AF = Assault Frigate
AG = Antigankers
BC = Battlecruiser
BS = Battleship
CCP = Crowd Control Productions (EVE Online developers)
DC = Damage Control (Module)
DCU = Damage Control Unit (AKA Damage Control)
EVE = Everyone Versus Everyone
GF = Good Fight
ISK = Interstellar Kredits
KR = Kill Right
MJD = Micro Jump Drive
MMJU = Mobile Micro Jump Unit
MTU = Mobile Tractor Unit
MWD = Microwarpdrive
PG = Power Grid
PLEX = Pilot’s License Extension
POS = Player-Owned Starbase
PWG = Power Grid
T3D = Tech 3 Destroyer (AKA Tactical Destroyer)

Acronyms (Gaming)

F2P = Free to Play
MMOG = Massively Multiplayer Online Game
MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
NPC = Non-Player Character
P2W = Pay To Win
PVE = Player Versus Environment
PVP = Player Versus Player
RP = Roleplay
RPG = Role Playing Game
UI = User Interface


o7 = Salute
o/ = Wave
\o/ = Exclaim/cheer

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