My name is Pix Severus and I’ve been playing EVE Online since 2010. I created this blog to keep track of my adventures as I embark on an epic quest to rid the game of all Mobile Tractor Units.

Pix Severus Portrait

Not creepy at all.

To see the beginning of my adventure, see this post.

I will update this blog for every event that occurs while I’m hunting MTUs, including non-MTU-related activities. Posts that are directly related to MTUs will fall under the category “MTU Hunting”, and all other events will fall under the category “Shenanigans”.

Story Arcs

The Beginning:
1. Birth of an MTU Hunter
2. Initiation of an MTU Hunter
3. Progress of an MTU Hunter

The Yellow Parasol Saga:
1. Pix Severus was here o/
2. Yellow Parasol is a pretty cool guy
3. Adventures with Yellow Parasol
4. The Magpie
5. Yellow’s Infinite Shenanigans

Other Series

MTU Mailbag:
MTU Mailbag
MTU Mailbag 2

Vocal Local:
Vocal Local
Vocal Local 2
Vocal Local 3: Salt Edition
Vocal Local 4
Vocal Local 5
Vocal Local 6
Vocal Local 7

If you have any suggestions, or just want to let me know how much you hate me, feel free to leave a comment on any blog post. Alternatively, you can drop me a mail or open up a private conversation with me in-game if I’m online.

See you in space! o/


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