Dealing with Greed

A few nights ago, I did my daily check of the Empty You killboard to see if anyone had gotten any interesting MTU kills in my absence, only to find that my corpmate, Solacia Solette, had encountered more than just MTUs that night. Solacia was kind enough to provide me with a write-up of what happened that night, so sit back, relax, and let him tell you that story.

I had my scanning alt moving down from Lonetrek towards Amarr space, going through the mission hub constellations along the way, looking for abandoned drones and MTUs and switching over to Sol to blast the latter, when I find one.

I end up in Waskisen of all places and find two MTUs very close to each other on d-scan. A quick cycle of my probes along with a narrow d-scan show them to be in the same asteroid belt along with a Retriever flown by one Yahroud something or other. I’m sitting here pondering the situation when the Retriever leaves d-scan, so I warp to the belt at 100 to see who owns the MTUs.


Waskisen, in The Citadel.

That turned out to be core Hamu, a pilot who was also in Local at the time but not in the belt. I warp back to the planet so as not to spook him if he returned, and sure enough another minute later and core’s Covetor shows up on d-scan in the belt. The Covetor of course only has an ore hold of 6,000 m3 and is intended as a fleet mining ship instead of a solo one. Our clever friend here had found himself a workaround by parking two MTUs in the belt with him, upping his total capacity to 60,000 m3 between the MTUs and his own ship’s hold. This struck me as an incredibly greedy move and one I wanted to see if I could do something about.

By warping around some of the other belts at the planet I was able to determine that he was about 5km away from one and 10km away from the other, but I still wasn’t sure if I’d be able to destroy at least one before he had a chance to scoop it. I switched back to Sol while I thought about this and destroyed another MTU I had scanned earlier in the system of Isikesu, only a few jumps away from Waskisen.

After that, I switched back to my scanner alt to let Sol’s suspect timer expire and found core had not moved at all. Some quick math in a mining spreadsheet indicated it would take between 45 minutes and an hour for core to fill up his MTUs, so I decided to wait until he left the belt to go get his hauler at which point I would be able to hopefully destroy one if not both MTUs before he could come back.

By the time Sol made it over to Waskisen, about 50 minutes had passed and I worried that I had missed my window. I figured I’d give it 10 minutes and if he hadn’t moved I was ready to call it a night and get some sleep. About 2 minutes later core’s Covetor disappears off of narrow scan and I warped in to get started.

With Void loaded and a bit of heat my Gnosis was dishing out a little over 1000 DPS, easily enough to melt the first MTU in less than a minute. As I’m starting on the second one core warps back to the belt in a Porpoise. He made a critical error in that he warped to the belt at 0 instead of his MTUs, putting him about 7500m away from the one I was destroying.


The Porpoise, an ugly hunk of junk if you ask me.

As he starts moving towards it, I realize that I can just bump him away and turn on my MWD to do just that, working the MTU through its hull as I strand him about 4km away and just outside of scoop distance. While this is going on I also lock up his Porpoise too just in case he decides to aggress. Despite some flawed bumping, I stall him long enough to finish the MTU off, destroying not only both of the ones he had in the belt but the nearly full hour’s worth of ore that had been sitting in them.

He had also targeted my ship during all this, I suspect due to having auto target back still enabled. To my surprise I see his ship icon change to Limited Engagement and promptly activate my Warp Scrambler, web, and weaponry. He goes down almost as fast as his MTUs did, and a minute later I pop his pod too, loot his wreck and head for the nearby station. I was expecting to get one MTU and maybe the second, but got to leave with a Porpoise and 50m ISK pod kill on top of them.

Kill: core Hamu (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: core Hamu (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: core Hamu (Porpoise)
Kill: core Hamu (Capsule)

I’m not sure if losing both his MTUs full of ore just enraged him enough to attack or if he thought the warp core stabilizer fitted to his ship would let him leave if he started losing. Maybe having my ship targeted on his screen was just too tempting for him to pass up. Either way it was a great capstone to a night of hunting.

Thank you for that great story Sol, it goes to show just how unpredictable the MTU Hunting profession can be at times. It also seems like Waskisen is the place to be these days, as another corpmate, Purgo, also had his fair share of interesting events in that system recently.

That’s all for this post, if you have any interesting stories you’d like to share, please send them to me (Pix Severus) via EVEmail.