Added as a Contact

Your friendly, local MTU Hunter gets contacted a lot by capsuleers from all over New Eden as he goes about his business. Sending mails, striking-up conversations in local, or joining my chat channel are not the only ways that pilots choose to get my attention, some of them use the more indirect method of adding me as a contact, and attaching a short message to it.

I would now like to go through some of these with you.

Contact Tuah Vyvorant

It is my pleasure, Tuah. Here is a link to the guide he is speaking of: MTU Hunting 101. I am set to positive standings more often than not, and it is always nice to know that I’m blue to at least some people out there.

Contact Zxcvbnm27740 Uitra

To answer Zxcvbnm27740’s question, here is a link to the blog post I made when I first started my corporation, and here is the current version of my corp’s description:

Empty You Corporation Description

If you wish to discuss my corp further, please do so via EVEmail, private convo, or join the MTU Hunting chat channel.

Contact Kawrsair

I am indeed still out there hunting, and I’m very glad you enjoyed reading this blog, thanks Kawrsair! (Cool name by the way).

Contact General Havock

Thank you very much, General! I’m doing my best to keep the blog updated at the moment, but I do have a habit of taking lengthy breaks from EVE, hopefully I can keep it up a bit longer this time.

Contact Padraig De Faoite

Sir, believe me, the pleasure was all mine. Padraig had accidentally lost tabs on his MTU, but thankfully there is always an MTU hunter around when you need one:

Kill: Padraig De Faoite (Mobile Tractor Unit)

He hasn’t lost a single MTU since, saving himself ISK, and keeping highsec clean, which is great news for everyone!

Contact a190 Tivianne

Oh dear, it isn’t often I get set to red, but here we are. Let us take a look at what caused this sorry state of affairs:

Kill: a190 Tivianne (Mobile Tractor Unit)

You can’t please everyone I guess, although it is interesting to see the contrast between those who will set you blue for popping their MTU, and those who will get upset over it.

There are more of these to come. Unfortunately, it seems that these contact notifications are pruned over time (otherwise a chunk of my older ones disappeared for some other reason) so I have undoubtedly missed a few over the years. If you ever want to add me as a contact, and attach a little message for me, go right ahead! You might just see it here on the blog in a future episode of this series.