Get Schniffyy

It is my honour today to bring you a story by Berger Luckmann, a very experienced MTU hunter and elite PvPer who has had his fair share of experiences over the years. If Berger’s name looks familiar to you, you might remember him from NS&CD 2.

A Tale of Two Magpies

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. A young capsuleer by the name of Schniffyy believed he deserved the best. To be fair to Schniffyy, he could also afford to have the best! The young capsuleer liked his MTUs flashy. Unfortunately, carebearing in High Sec rotted our dear friend’s brain. Mr Schniffyy kept forgetting to scoop his fancy MTUs. I found the first faint traces of his trail about 3 or four days ago:

Schniffyy killmail - Berger Luckmann

Kill: Schniffyy (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

This took a lot of dedication, and I had to outfit a scanner-strength-tanked Imicus specifically for that. The scanner tanked Imicus, however, became of use once again!

Kill: Schniffyy (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

I found his filthy garbage wrapped in 400 million isk of gold foil once again! I became curious to say the least.

Both times, I naturally sent him an invoice. However, suspecting there will surely be a third time, I offered that he send me 400 million isk next time he thinks of buying a Magpie MTU. To my complete and utter disappointment, I was not given the gift of 400 million isk. I was, however, given so much more!

On my usual patrol of my home system, I saw a beautiful sight. Lo! There! In the distance! On my d-scan! “Schniffy’s Rattlesnake!” “This is the time for a long overdue conversation” I thought to myself as I scanned down his mission site. I packed my salvage drones. I packed my trusty Nergal. I undocked in search of understanding.

Unfortunately, Schniffyy did not realize I was there to talk to him about his Magpie addiction. Unfortunately, Schniffyy did not take nicely to my presence. Unfortunately, Schniffyy shot a suspect Nergal in high sec.

Now, I like Rattlesnakes. I will never fly one seriously, because I dislike watching my ships align only to stare at them warp, but I like Rattlesnakes. I did not want to blow it up! I did not like being in that position. And then I saw it – a capsule here, a Rattlesnake there! Schniffyy’s Rattlesnake now sat alone in space, cold, unoccupied, a pod warping away, saving a set of likely very fancy implants!

What could I do but give the ship a new home? What could I do but park it in my hangar? Could I bring myself to leave it’s crew to rot? I couldn’t.

I would have been ecstatic, had I been able to report to you that the Rattlesnake contained another Magpie. Alas! Some stories have good endings that are not as poetic as one would like them to be. Alas! I was unable to talk to Schniffyy about his addiction.

I hope the tale continues, as I am sure, does Schniffyy, who threatened to war dec Hell Dawn over the loss of his precious Magpies and the Rattlesnake. I hope also that Hell Dawn will be able to come to some arrangement with Schniffyy’s corporation. I do not want my wreckless ways to start a war.

I offer you my good wishes,
Berger Luckmann

Thank you very much for this charming tale, Berger. Liberating two Magpies and a Battleship from the same pilot is not something you see every day, wonderful!

That’s all for this post, if you have any interesting stories you’d like to share, please send them to me (Pix Severus) via EVEmail, or drop a comment on this post.

MTU Mailbag 4

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

EVE Mail

Let me grab that killmail for you:

Kill: Espelancer (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Here is the item for you too: Pith X-Type Large Shield Booster

It looks like Spontaneous Combustion (great name, by the way) had quite the adventure there! I absolutely love receiving mails like these, as I love a good story. Thanks SC! I also feel very happy, and a little proud, that I provided some inspiration to cause those events to unfold. From her killboard, we can see she racked-up quite the number of MTU kills over the years too. Bravo!

EVE Mail

Thank you, Ysebelle, your mail made me smile, and I’m glad my blog helped to provide you with some inspiration. Oh, and as we can see from her killboard, she did indeed manage to pop a few MTUs. Well done!

EVE Mail

You are most welcome, sir. I suppose hunting-down your own MTU still counts as an MTU hunt! I was hoping that my guide to hunting MTUs would be used for more than just regular hunting, and I’m glad it was useful.

EVE Mail

Thank you very much for the encouragement, Novastarlee! If you haven’t seen his killboard yet, you really should, Nova is definitely one of the most accomplished MTU Hunters in EVE, with a whopping 2700 MTU kills at the time of writing this post.

EVE Mail

Here we have a mail from a friend of mine, Mr Chili Palmer. The answer to his question is a). Attacking an MTU is a suspect-level offense, this means you will become attackable by any player in highsec without CONCORD intervening for the next 15 minutes. Thank you for the kind words, Chili, and I hope to see you in-game soon!

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.

MTU Mailbag 3

A not-so-Empty You

This post will be the first part of a series, and will be concerned with the early days of my corporation, Empty You, as pilots from across New Eden began applying for membership.

During the spring of 2017, I had been taking a break from EVE after a somewhat disappointing and uneventful winter. I checked the EVE forums to see if anything interesting was going on, and found that I had received a bunch of EVEmails in my absence (this was back when the official forums had that feature). Two of those mails, received less than a month apart, were from two seperate MTU hunters, Oylpann Kumamato and Carnivorous Swarm, both of whom expressing interest in joining my corporation.

Carnivorous Swarm EVEmail

Oylpann Kumamato EVEmail

Here’s that killmail for you.

I wasn’t planning on returning to EVE for some time due to personal reasons, but after reading those two very well written mails I thought the least I could do was login and send them a corp invite, if they were still interested. Then, at the very least, they could work together if needed, whether I was there or not. I responded to both mails and sent out invites soon after, and thankfully they both joined. I say “thankfully” because recruiting these guys turned-out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made in my EVE career.

It wasn’t long before I ended-up back in EVE full time, the pull was too strong after witnessing the slew of MTU killmails these hunters were generating for the corp. It was during this time that I planned-out a rather nostalgic hunting route, which funnily enough would turn out to be another one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in this game. That route would take me back to the system of Ahmak, a special system to me, as detailed in previous posts here, and here.

The hunt itself went uneventfully, with no notable MTU kills to report. Upon arriving in Ahmak, however, I immediately spotted two blues in local, Niyalyn and one of his alts, and he wasted no time in greeting me. Niyalyn is one of the Ahmak locals I met through notme7’s chat channel during the events that took place there the previous year (see the two previous posts I linked above). We had a good old chat, and before I moved-on to continue the hunt, I threw him a link to my public chat channel, MTU Hunting (all are welcome by the way, we’re quite friendly) which he joined straight away.

Niyalyn Local Chat

With two new corpmates, and another friend to chat with on the regular, this was a happy time, as no time is more fun in EVE than time spent with friends.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks, Carnivorous Swarm decided he’d had his fill of MTU hunting, and suddenly, without warning, biomassed his character. When a player biomasses his character whilst being a member of a player corporation, all ISK in that character’s wallet is transferred to the corp wallet as “Inheritance”, which was something I didn’t know until I checked the corp wallet and saw an extra 700m+ ISK sitting there. As it was just Oyl and myself left in the corp now, I split the ISK evenly with him, as something to remember our fallen comrade by.

Mr. Swarm did contact me a few weeks later to explain why he’d left, he’d had some real life issues to deal with, and by the time he came back to the game, he realised he wanted to try something else. He also explained that he’s been playing EVE for a very long time and this was the 6th time he’d biomassed a character, which he does, I assume, to not get trapped in doing the same thing over and over. That’s fair enough I guess. I offered him the inheritance ISK we received when he biomassed, but he told us to keep it and use it to fund more MTU hunting, so that was nice of him.

Carnivorous Swarm’s legacy still lives on within the corp, as he still has the highest value MTU kill of any member since his departure. Prepare yourselves for this one, it’s a beauty:

Kill: Anejo Cazadores (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit)

He also provided a couple of excellent stories to be published on this blog, one of which is already up here, but the other is unfortunately lost to the void, as the pastebin link expired (I didn’t know they did that). One last contribution he made to the corp were his ideas for medals that the corp could offer. All of our corp’s medals are achievement-like to help encourage hunters to keep on hunting.

Carnivorous Swarm, I wish you the best of luck in whatever you are doing now, and if you’re reading this, why not pop-into the channel and say hello sometime?

Around the time Carnivorous Swarm left us, Oyl had suggested to me that it might be fun to try something a little different inbetween popping MTUs, something quite similar that we can do together, and something that he had prior experience in.

To be continued.

Back For More

Oh, hello there, my name is Pix Severus, and it looks like your friendly, local MTU hunter has returned to New Eden after a much needed vacation. Expect regular updates (about one per week) from this point onward for as long as I’m actively playing the game.

I wasn’t planning on returning for at least another month, but I cut my trip short thanks to corpmate, and fellow MTU hunter, Oylpann Kumamato. You see, he has been on somewhat of a recruitment drive of late, and has been hosting his very own MTU hunting competition to run alongside the current Crimson Harvest event. Let me tell you, reader, those MTUs have been dropping like flies, and you know me, once I start seeing those MTUs pop, I just can’t help myself.

MTU Competition Mail

The events that CCP have introduced to the game over the last year or so have been an absolute bonanza for MTU hunters, with vastly increased numbers of MTUs laying abandoned (or otherwise) throughout the galaxy. These events also ensure that space is littered with copious amounts of abandoned drones, and someone has to clean all that mess up. I hope these events have been as lucrative for CCP as they have been for us; Long may they continue!

Competition Results

Lets take a look at how that competition panned-out, shall we? Prizes were donated to the competition by Oylpann, Niyalyn, and myself. Because of this, we left ourselves out of the running for any competition prizes.

The rules of the competition were simple, pop the highest value MTU within the timeframe of 21st Oct through 31st Oct 2018.

1st Place: Mikey G Udan
Winning Kill: Katelin Cadelanne (Mobile Tractor Unit) (273m)
Prizes Won: Stratios – 250m ISK – 69 Exotic Dancers, Female

2nd Place: Solacia Solette
Winning Kill: Phil McRackin (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (187m)
Prizes Won: Astero – 125m ISK – 99,999 Tobacco

3rd Place: Deep Choad
Winning Kill: HYDARG0S (Mobile Tractor Unit) (138m)
Prizes Won: Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher – 75m ISK – 10 Spiced Wine

Those are some huge MTU kills there, congratulations to the winners! Also, I would like to give a huge thank you to Oyl for holding this competition. I think it would be a nice idea to hold a competition like this every time a new event takes place, but we’ll see how our wallets feel about that closer to the time.

Lets Get Nerdy

Our corporation performed outstandingly during the competition, exploding 237 MTUs worth a total of 6.78b ISK between 21st Oct and 31st Oct 2018.

Alexis Thunderkunt
Destroyed 12 MTUs worth a total of 170m ISK
Highest value kill: 45m ISK

Deep Choad + alts
Destroyed 16 MTUs worth a total of 575m ISK
Highest value kill: 138m ISK

Mikey G Udan
Destroyed 42 MTUs worth a total of 1.46b ISK
Highest value kill: 273m ISK

Oylpann Kumamato
Destroyed 61 MTUs worth a total of 1.47b ISK
Highest value kill: 187m ISK

Pix Severus
Destroyed 32 MTUs worth a total of 1.24b ISK
Highest value kill: 309m ISK

Solacia Solette
Destroyed 82 MTUs worth a total of 2.11b ISK
Highest value kill: 187m ISK

Ready for some pie?

MTU Competition StatsMTU Competition StatsMTU Competition Stats

Here are the top 10 highest ISK value MTU kills achieved during the competition:

Kill: GySgt Kossori (Mobile Tractor Unit) (309m)
Kill: Katelin Cadelanne (Mobile Tractor Unit) (273m)
Kill: Kejeki Trypp (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (229m)
Kill: Phil McRackin (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (187m)
Kill: Elksys Integreor (Mobile Tractor Unit) (183m)
Kill: Mufus hejro (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (182m)
Kill: HYDARG0S (Mobile Tractor Unit) (138m)
Kill: Lumina Auduin (Mobile Tractor Unit) (136m)
Kill: Vasy Teran (Mobile Tractor Unit) (109m)
Kill: Krystoffer Shidoshi (Mobile Tractor Unit) (106m)

A big thank you to Solacia for providing the above stats.

One thing we have noticed during this competition (and the event in general) is the increase in the number of special ‘named’ MTUs out there in space. In the past, you’d be lucky to spot one Magpie for every few hundred standard MTUs you killed, but that has most definitely changed now. Lets examine this phenomenon further by looking at how many of each type of MTU we killed during this competition.

Mobile Tractor Unit (Standard): 220
‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 14
‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 3

MTU Competition Stats

So as we can see they are still relatively rare, however, I’d still say they are a lot more common than they used to be, considering the short amount of time in which these were found (10 days).

Finally, lets take a look at where we found all of those delicious MTUs, and which systems and regions provided the most bountiful harvest. We popped MTUs in 120 different systems and 13 different regions.

MTU Competition Stats MTU Competition Stats

I guess that data above can help you if you’re having trouble deciding where to hunt.

I’ll wrap it up here for now as there is still some time left before the Crimson Harvest event ends, and I want to get a few more kills in. If you have any suggestions for types of stats you’d like to see next time, drop me a mail in-game or a comment on this blog.

Happy hunting!

Vocal Local 7

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

This time we have a variety of random encounters and miscellaneous short messages to look through, as I travel around, and get to know, the denizens of high security space.

Local Chat


Occasionally you’ll find that players give their MTUs all kinds of humorous names, this one had me laughing for a lot longer than it perhaps should have.

Local Chat

I like receiving messages like these in local, they always bring a smile to my face. Usually when I receive these kinds of comments, they are often hit-and-run in nature, with the pilot having left the system before I get a chance to respond. I usually send them a mail afterwards in such cases

Local Chat

Sweetdevil was surprised to see one of the Federation’s greatest enemies warp into her asteroid belt; bloody Cardies. After this exchange in local she opened a private convo with me asking for advice on how to become a pirate. After some basic advice, I directed her towards one of my more pirate-natured friends.

Local Chat

Here’s that killmail for you; AngelEyezTheDemon had lost her Myrmidon to NPCs the day before I found her MTU, which contained the contents of the wreck of her vessel. Finding an MTU that had sucked-up the wreck of it’s owner is actually quite common these days, more so than it used to be, I suspect foul play may be at work but I’ll go into more detail on that another day.

Local Chat

MTU Hunters beware, there are hunters out there who are aren’t hunting MTUs, instead they are hunting the hunters. Although, those “in the know” will understand that in this specific example, not everything was as it seemed. I won’t go into more detail here, but needless to say, Bladewise runs quite the remarkable operation out of many of EVE’s busiest mission hubs.

Local Chat

Maja Chou spotted me on D-scan as I was probing-down an MTU in the system of Shaha. I am unsure what “tz tz” means, however, given the context, it may be a form of “tsk tsk” therefore implying that I’m doing something naughty. MTU Hunting isn’t naughty though, it’s a valued profession, so if anyone can shed any light on this, please leave a comment below.

Local Chat


That’s all for this edition of Vocal Local, but there is plenty more to come. If you see me in local, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with me, even a simple wave can go a long way. Who knows, you might find yourself featured in a future edition of this series.

Vocal Local 6

The Hunt

Today we have something special for you readers, two stories from fellow MTU Hunter, Oylpann Kumamato, focused on his tireless work in educating the mission runners of New Eden about the dangers of rogue MTUs. Pour yourself a hot drink, put your feet up, and join him on two of such adventures.

The Harb

The Hunt, what a name for the new expansion. I undock this afternoon in Simela and run a dscan and what do my sensors see? A ‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit, thats what.

I warp to a moon and begin my scan. At 100% I warp to the MTU. Theres a Harbinger Navy Issue sitting at 0 on the MTU and a bunch of empty wrecks. The guy doesn’t move or appear to be concerned about such a dangerous deployable sitting so close to him.

Harbinger Navy Issue

The Harbinger Navy Issue.

I start shooting the MTU. I get it down to about 50% hull and the Harb targets me and begins shooting! Being as he was at 0 on the MTU, I quickly change my 500m orbit to the Battlecruiser. His medium lasers aren’t tracking me at all so I remain in sharpshooter mode dealing 720dps to him. When he hits 50% shield he scoops the MTU… boo.

With him scrammed and webbed, he’s not going anywhere. He explodes:

Kill: Tavi Octavian (Harbinger Navy Issue)

Got his pod for good measure too:

Kill: Tavi Octavian (Capsule)

And the MTU dropped in loot! Bonus!

The Mega

The Empty You Corporation has been on red alert over the past several days.

Due to “The Hunt” Event that CCP has launched, more than ever, we have seen an increase in dangerous MTUs left out in space, clogging peoples dscans with unwanted information and just waiting to suck in unsuspecting capsuleer’s ships.

On 3/23, Tristis Puella was travelling through the system of Malma, looking for MTUs for me to destroy with extreme prejudice.  The one she found on short scan just so happened to be at a Guristas Beacon of the new event.  No probes needed for this one.

Taking a break from my trusty Hecate, I had dusted off my Ishkur of Fantastic™ that had been sitting in my hangar for far too long, and I was anxious to give it a go against some deployables, especially after the recent changes to assault frigates.

I warp to the beacon at 50km and see the MTU about 30 kilometers off.  There’s a Megathron about 60 kilometers away trying to pull range on the swarm of Guristas frigates and battleships on grid. From the looks of things, the Megathron is taking armor damage.  I have to move fast to avoid another MTU disaster.  I don’t want this guy getting sucked in to his tractor unit!  I align with the MTU and hit my afterburner bringing me up to around 1000km/s.  I quickly reach the MTU and begin to orbit closely and open up with my Small Ion Blasters, and launch a set of Warriors to help. The Mega pilot is hanging in there, slowly taking out the small frigates with drones of his own.


The Megathron.

But what’s this?  He’s targetting me!  Can he not see I’m here to help?  After he takes out the final battleship, his drones begin to attack me!

At this point, I’m thinking there is no way to teach this pilot about the dangers of MTU Suckage other than letting him see for himself what can happen when an MTU gets ahold of him so I move away from the MTU and start a quick angular approach on the battleship to keep his large cannons  tracking me to a minimum. I scram the Mega once he is in range and I set an orbit of 500 meters on him so his cannons have no chance of hitting me, and start webbing and killing the Hornet drones he has loosed upon me. It was like a literal hornets nest inside that battleship.  I must have killed at least 10 before they stopped pouring out and attacking me.

With the drones gone, I concentrate my firepower on the battleship, setting my Warriors and Ion Blasters on him.  The Megathron gets to about 50% armor and starts to rep.  This isn’t good.  I fire up my small neut to try to remedy this problem.  Not knowing if he’s cap boosted or not, I hope for the best.  After a painstakingly long time he drops to about 75% hull, and then something unexpected happens.  He activates his Self Destruct! I now have 120 seconds to chew through about 5k hps of his hull. I overheat my guns and can’t help but smile as his hull disentegrates under my small guns and drone fire approximately a minute later.

Kill: sever3 (Megathron)

Of course, my worst fear happens and the capsuleer’s wreck is sucked into the MTU he carelessly placed in space:

Kill: sever3 (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Remember friends, only you can prevent MTU Suckage.

Indeed! A huge thank you to Oylpann for taking the time to write his experiences down for us, and I am very sure we’ll be reading more of his stories on this blog in the near future.

Vocal Local 6

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

Sometimes, however, you find a system where the locals chat freely, such was the case with Nakugard, one of my favourite MTU hunting systems. The following conversations took place on the same night within that system.

Local Chat

It was around this time that I had recently received a 80m ISK bounty from a mission runner whose MTU I popped. From this conversation, I got the feeling that Anara wasn’t too sure if I was “one of the good guys”.

Local Chat

However, “good guy” or not, this MTU Hunter likes to end his conversations amicably.

Local Chat

Keldor spoke up once he saw me go suspect in local whilst I was attacking an MTU. I decided to link him the MTU killmail after I popped it, since he was clearly interested in what I was up to. Here’s that killmail for you. I was both surprised and happy to see the MTU’s owner speak in local afterwards, it seems that MTU Hunting really does get players talking.

Local Chat

There is indeed.

At some point prior to this vocal night, I was hunting MTUs in Nakugard whilst legendary ganker, Alt 00, was having an argument with a miner in local. I won’t go into details about the argument that was taking place, you can see it for yourself here on the Minerbumping blog. See if you can spot your friendly, local MTU Hunter in the screencaps.

Nakugard is a system filled with a real mix of players, and is situated between the trade hub, Hek, and the Sisters of EVE mission hub, Lanngisi. Because of this, it is often a hive of activity and drama, and I highly encourage you to visit this interesting system sometime.

Vocal Local 5

The Dissatisfied Customer

Today we have a special treat, a short story from fellow MTU Hunter, Oylpann Kumamato. Pour yourself a hot drink, put your feet up, and join him on one of his many adventures.

I was heading back to Simela, my happy hunting grounds, after flying through multiple backwater systems with no luck. Tristis is already in Simela in her trusty CovOps and bazinga! One MTU. She locks it in after 2 scans and warps to it at 100km. Two Battlecruisers are running a mission there, a Ferox and a Drake Navy Issue.

Fast Foward 10 jumps and roughly 8 mins later the Battlecruisers have left grid, and left that dangerous deployable out there. I fleet up my dynamic duo and when Oyl gets in system, I warp to Tris who is now orbiting the MTU cloaked at 30km. Oyl makes quick work of the MTU and after the weapons timer, I dock up in a nearby player owned station.

Kill: Selendria Hinonami (Mobile Tractor Unit)

While I’m looking at the Killmail, I notice that Local Chat had an interesting recruitment link.. from the same person whose MTU I just purged, within seconds of her MTU exploding:

Selendria Hinonami Local Chat

Shortly after, I get an Eve Mail from said victim:

Selendria Hinonami Oylpann Kumamato Mail

Click on image for full size.

I reply back I’m just doing my job!

Selendria Hinonami Oylpann Kumamato Mail

Click on image for full size.

They respond that they want reimbursement so I offer what I feel is fair compensation:

Selendria Hinonami Oylpann Kumamato Contract

Click on image for full size.

I also offered some sound advice (for free!) on future purchases:

Selendria Hinonami Oylpann Kumamato Mail

Hope you get as good of a laugh as I did out of it.

I certainly did, thank you for the story Oylpann, and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of you in future posts. Stay tuned. Also, if anyone reading this has an MTU story of their own to share, please mail me (Pix Severus) in-game.

Furthermore, we now have a new page on the sidebar, MTU FAQ, which aims to answer those questions most commonly received about MTUs and hunting them, check it out.

The Damsel

Around the time of this post, I had another noteworthy encounter with an MTU that was sitting alone in an active mission, this time the mission was one that is well-known to many EVE players, even those who don’t run missions, The Damsel in Distress.

This is actually one of my favourite level 4 missions as it has a good payout for the amount of time it takes to complete. However, you need a battleship with a good tank to be able to do this mission effectively, meaning that my MTU Hunting ship was going to need some backup

EVE Online system Atoosh

The system of Atoosh, in the Tash-Murkon region.

After arriving in the system of Atoosh, on my way to the outer reaches of highsec, I did my usual system scan and quickly found a lone MTU. Once I had landed on grid with it, I was immediately aggressed by 9 Mercenary NPC battleships and a cluster of cruisers and had to warp off or risk losing my ship. Due to the strucutres in the mission, and the name of one of the NPCs (Kruul) it was clear to me what mission this was, and that the mission runner had prematurely spawned the 2nd wave of battleships by shooting Kruul too early. This mistake could be why he wasn’t there actually doing the mission, but was instead docked-up inside a nearby station.

I decided that it was my duty to help my fellow capsuleer by completing the mission for him, and taking only his MTU as payment, a fair trade I’d say. I logged my mission runner alt and spent the next 20 minutes warping her slow faction battleship, a Raven Navy Issue all the way out there. By the time she reached the system, the mission runner had logged off for the evening, but that didn’t matter, we had work to do. After trading bookmarks in the station, I warped my alt to the active mission and got to work, and within a few minutes she had destroyed all the mission rats along with the structure where The Damsel was being held captive.

EVE Online Cargo Container

*Thud thud* Muffled Voices.

There were now quite a number of wrecks littering the field along with various containers, one of which contained The Damsel. “Wait! Oh no!” I exclaimed, as the MTU began sucking in the container where The Damsel now resided, the only thing between her and the cold vacuum of space. “If she gets sucked into the MTU, there is a chance she won’t survive the explosion when I pop it!” Alas, it was too late, I couldn’t reach the container before the MTU had sucked it in, and The Damsel’s fate now hung in the balance. With a dry throat and a feeling of consternation, I warped in my MTU hunting ship and began the task of popping it regardless. Would she survive?

Kill: Base Sixteen (Mobile Tractor Unit)

She did indeed survive, thankfully, and I welcomed her onto my ship along with the rest of the loot. I then docked at the station (the same one where the mission runner lived) and contracted The Damsel to him so he could complete the mission. With my work now complete it was time for a rest, and so I logged off for the evening.

When I logged on again the following day I found that the contract had not been accepted, but instead the mission runner had decided to place a whopping 80m ISK bounty on my head! Well, that’s gratitude for you I guess, but I won’t let one sour capsuleer deter me from helping others in the future. At this point you may be thinking to yourself “So what happened to The Damsel?” After all, the mission runner didn’t want her, and I’m not heartless enough to hand her over to the slavers..

EVE Online - The Damsel

She rides with me now.

Return of an MTU Hunter

A few months ago I decided to take a break from EVE due to personal reasons, I have now returned to continue my journey, after all, those MTUs aren’t going to pop themselves.

EVE has changed a little in the few months I’ve been away, with a permanent free trial being added to the game, meaning that you can now play EVE (with trial limitations) indefinitely, for free. I want to make it clear that EVE going “free to play” is not the reason I’ve returned, I was coming back anyway, and besides, I love my shiny T2 ships and modules too much to not subscribe. I am excited at the prospect of having a lot more potential friends to play with though.

When I logged back into EVE a few days ago, the first thing I noticed was a number of EVE mails waiting for me. I wish I could have been there to reply to these mails as they came in, but everyone needs a break at some point:

EVE Mail

EVE Mail

Win Anin’s killmail can be found here, also if you look at her killboard, you can see she racked-up quite a few MTU kills. Lady Mordea’s killboard can be seen here, she also managed to pop a few MTUs. I’m very happy that people found my guide useful, put it into practice, and had fun with it.

EVE Mail

This is a little late now, but I’ll link my current fits here for anyone interested: Hecate and Svipul. Both fits take you to the limit of CPU and PG, so ensure you have good core fitting skills before attempting to use them.

EVE Mail

It’s not every day someone creates a corp in your honour, the sentiment is very much appreciated. Here is manxman69’s killboard, he has killed an impressive number of MTUs thus far. Keep up the good work!

I have received a few more EVE mails which I will be posting at a later date in a seperate blog entry. If you wish to send me a mail, please do so, I enjoy reading them and reply to almost all of them. EVE mails weren’t the only thing waiting for me upon my return. I had been added as a contact with neutral/good/excellent standing to no less than 10 different people, 1 of whom had also sent me a mail. I also had an application to join my corporation, which had unfortunately timed-out a long time ago.

Now that I’m back, it’s time to return to the crazy world of MTU molestation, and as you can see from my killboard, I am slowly easing my way back into it. I’m also close to achieving 500 MTU kills, I think reaching a milestone like that deserves a medal, don’t you?