MTU Mailbag 6

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

First up, we have a question from a budding new MTU hunter.

EVE Mail Hakaru Song

I told him to make sure he had deployables on scan, as that had changed recently, and I was in the process of updating my guide to include that information at the time.

EVE Mail Hakaru Song

Ah ha! Problem solved. Always bring combat probes, guys! Oh, and Hakaru did indeed get his first MTU kill:

Kill: Xeng He (Mobile Tractor Unit)

EVE Mail FuChita

Thank you very much, FuChita! I’ll certainly try to keep it up.

EVE Mail Havoc Tekitsu


EVE Mail Havoc Tekitsu

Haha, thanks Havoc! I’m glad you liked it.

EVE Mail Tau Adoulin

Thank you Tau! Looking at his killboard, he didn’t give MTU hunting a try, on that character at least. It would be nice if he had an alt somewhere filled with MTU kills though.

EVE Mail Rohkea Avestrii

If Rohkea’s name looks familiar to you, it is most likely because one of his mails was featured in the last episode of MTU Mailbag. He had sent me a mail a couple of months beforehand after seeing one of my containers in his local system, just to say hello. I was very happy to learn that he was now actually giving deployable hunting a try for himself. Here’s that Mobile Depot kill for you:

Kill: Roseta mallard (Mobile Depot)

Mobile Depots are the scourge of MTU hunters everywhere, as they clutter-up scan and are annoying to kill because they have a 48 hour timer. Thanks for doing us all a great service, Rohkea!

Oh, and if Roseta’s name looks familiar to you, he was featured in this post on the blog, as he’d made his POS magically disappear one night before my corp were due to dismantle it.

Small world!

Vishnu Calm updated his blog yesterday with some useful information and fitting advice for the Structure Bashing Leshak. His blog is teeming with useful guides and fits, I highly recommend you check it out: ShipFitPod

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.