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Oh, hello there, my name is Pix Severus, and it looks like your friendly, local MTU hunter has returned to New Eden after a much needed vacation. Expect regular updates (about one per week) from this point onward for as long as I’m actively playing the game.

I wasn’t planning on returning for at least another month, but I cut my trip short thanks to corpmate, and fellow MTU hunter, Oylpann Kumamato. You see, he has been on somewhat of a recruitment drive of late, and has been hosting his very own MTU hunting competition to run alongside the current Crimson Harvest event. Let me tell you, reader, those MTUs have been dropping like flies, and you know me, once I start seeing those MTUs pop, I just can’t help myself.

MTU Competition Mail

The events that CCP have introduced to the game over the last year or so have been an absolute bonanza for MTU hunters, with vastly increased numbers of MTUs laying abandoned (or otherwise) throughout the galaxy. These events also ensure that space is littered with copious amounts of abandoned drones, and someone has to clean all that mess up. I hope these events have been as lucrative for CCP as they have been for us; Long may they continue!

Competition Results

Lets take a look at how that competition panned-out, shall we? Prizes were donated to the competition by Oylpann, Niyalyn, and myself. Because of this, we left ourselves out of the running for any competition prizes.

The rules of the competition were simple, pop the highest value MTU within the timeframe of 21st Oct through 31st Oct 2018.

1st Place: Mikey G Udan
Winning Kill: Katelin Cadelanne (Mobile Tractor Unit) (273m)
Prizes Won: Stratios – 250m ISK – 69 Exotic Dancers, Female

2nd Place: Solacia Solette
Winning Kill: Phil McRackin (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (187m)
Prizes Won: Astero – 125m ISK – 99,999 Tobacco

3rd Place: Deep Choad
Winning Kill: HYDARG0S (Mobile Tractor Unit) (138m)
Prizes Won: Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher – 75m ISK – 10 Spiced Wine

Those are some huge MTU kills there, congratulations to the winners! Also, I would like to give a huge thank you to Oyl for holding this competition. I think it would be a nice idea to hold a competition like this every time a new event takes place, but we’ll see how our wallets feel about that closer to the time.

Lets Get Nerdy

Our corporation performed outstandingly during the competition, exploding 237 MTUs worth a total of 6.78b ISK between 21st Oct and 31st Oct 2018.

Alexis Thunderkunt
Destroyed 12 MTUs worth a total of 170m ISK
Highest value kill: 45m ISK

Deep Choad + alts
Destroyed 16 MTUs worth a total of 575m ISK
Highest value kill: 138m ISK

Mikey G Udan
Destroyed 42 MTUs worth a total of 1.46b ISK
Highest value kill: 273m ISK

Oylpann Kumamato
Destroyed 61 MTUs worth a total of 1.47b ISK
Highest value kill: 187m ISK

Pix Severus
Destroyed 32 MTUs worth a total of 1.24b ISK
Highest value kill: 309m ISK

Solacia Solette
Destroyed 82 MTUs worth a total of 2.11b ISK
Highest value kill: 187m ISK

Ready for some pie?

MTU Competition StatsMTU Competition StatsMTU Competition Stats

Here are the top 10 highest ISK value MTU kills achieved during the competition:

Kill: GySgt Kossori (Mobile Tractor Unit) (309m)
Kill: Katelin Cadelanne (Mobile Tractor Unit) (273m)
Kill: Kejeki Trypp (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (229m)
Kill: Phil McRackin (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (187m)
Kill: Elksys Integreor (Mobile Tractor Unit) (183m)
Kill: Mufus hejro (‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit) (182m)
Kill: HYDARG0S (Mobile Tractor Unit) (138m)
Kill: Lumina Auduin (Mobile Tractor Unit) (136m)
Kill: Vasy Teran (Mobile Tractor Unit) (109m)
Kill: Krystoffer Shidoshi (Mobile Tractor Unit) (106m)

A big thank you to Solacia for providing the above stats.

One thing we have noticed during this competition (and the event in general) is the increase in the number of special ‘named’ MTUs out there in space. In the past, you’d be lucky to spot one Magpie for every few hundred standard MTUs you killed, but that has most definitely changed now. Lets examine this phenomenon further by looking at how many of each type of MTU we killed during this competition.

Mobile Tractor Unit (Standard): 220
‘Packrat’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 14
‘Magpie’ Mobile Tractor Unit: 3

MTU Competition Stats

So as we can see they are still relatively rare, however, I’d still say they are a lot more common than they used to be, considering the short amount of time in which these were found (10 days).

Finally, lets take a look at where we found all of those delicious MTUs, and which systems and regions provided the most bountiful harvest. We popped MTUs in 120 different systems and 13 different regions.

MTU Competition Stats MTU Competition Stats

I guess that data above can help you if you’re having trouble deciding where to hunt.

I’ll wrap it up here for now as there is still some time left before the Crimson Harvest event ends, and I want to get a few more kills in. If you have any suggestions for types of stats you’d like to see next time, drop me a mail in-game or a comment on this blog.

Happy hunting!