MTU Mailbag 9

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

First up, we have a couple of short mails about the many containers I leave lying across highsec.

EVE Mail Visch Venegance

EVE Mail Elizabetha Sangreal

Thanks to both of you for these mails, I find them fun and encouraging. I am indeed well-travelled, I’m not the sort of player who just sticks to one area all the time, I like to get out there and stretch my legs. For more information about why I receive mails like these, please see this post: Pix Severus was here o/

Sticking with the same theme, I received this mail from Peepinglee.

EVE Mail Peepinglee

Which prompted one of my typical replies.

EVE Mail Peepinglee

Which resulted in a pleasant exchange between us.

EVE Mail Peepinglee

Here’s that killmail for you:

Kill: Wulfgar WarHammer (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Thanks for the chat, Peepinglee, see you around. o/

EVE Mail Anson countach

The answer is yes, anyone can kill gankers in highsec, if that ganker’s security status is low enough, and if you can catch them. The second “if” is a big one, you’ll find that most gankers are extremely difficult to catch, but I’m sure most of them will welcome you to try.

EVE Mail Xdrog Eto

Unfortunately I was on one of my many breaks from New Eden when this mail came in. Regardless, I don’t tend to go MTU hunting with people I don’t know very often, I would rather encourage you to go out and try it for yourself, it isn’t difficult, and you’ll learn more that way.

EVE Mail somethingsomethingsometh

… indeed.

EVE Mail Blued Andedare

I believe this is how most people find my blog these days. Thank you for the kind words, Blued, and make sure to look after those MTUs, there’s all sorts of crazy people about!

EVE Mail Natalya Greed

Here are those killmails for you.

Kill: KingTheGlor (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: Maksim Startsev (Ferox)

The “comet place” in Deltole that Natalya is talking about is a combat site that is often littered with MTUs and other Mobile Deployables, and was mentioned on my blog long ago in this post.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Natalya, and great work on those kills there!

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.

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