Added as a Contact 2

Your friendly, local MTU Hunter gets contacted a lot by capsuleers from all over New Eden as he goes about his business. Sending mails, striking-up conversations in local, or joining my chat channel are not the only ways that pilots choose to get my attention, some of them use the more indirect method of adding me as a contact, and attaching a short message to it.

In an earlier post, I showed you some examples of this, and in this post I would now like to go through some more of them with you.

Contact Cameena Dummler

It looks like we’re off to a bad start here with Cameena Dummler. I don’t see how blowing up MTUs can be seen as vandalism, MTUs are trash, and I’m simply taking it out! This also makes being called a litterer all the more perplexing to me, I certainly don’t believe I’m deserving of either of those labels. If anything, I’m a humanitarian.

Contact Marlow Mencia

Thank you very much, Marlow! As we can see from his killboard, he has indeed popped a few MTUs, well done!

Contact Blood Axxis

Not a problem, sir. Here are some handy links to some MTU info, for those who are interested: MTU Hunting 101, MTU FAQ.

Contact Eolian Switch

Thank you Eoilian, and I hope you found the ISK you were looking for. The containers he is talking about are the ones I leave lying around highsec as I hunt for MTUs. More info about that here: Pix Severus was here o/

Contact Levedi

Thank you very much, Levedi! As we can see from his very impressive killboard, he has racked-up quite the respectable amount of MTU kills himself! Congratulations!

That’s all for now. If you ever want to add me as a contact, and attach a little message for me, go right ahead! You might just see it here on the blog in a future episode of this series.

Added as a Contact

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