MTU Hunting Chat Channel

The MTU Hunting chat channel is the place to hang out if you enjoy hunting MTUs, especially if you want to share some of the more interesting MTU-related killmails you generate to a receptive audience. We are very welcoming no matter what your profession in New Eden may be, so why not pop by sometime? Even just a wave is very much appreciated. o/

The following are some screenshots and other excerpts from the channel, chosen at random from my EVE backup folder, which at this point is nearing the digital equivalent of a neutron star.

MTU Hunting chat channel

MTU Hunting chat channel

First up, we have a short chat with Tyrambo, who joined the channel after I had popped his MTU.

Kill: Tyrambo (Mobile Tractor Unit)

After this chat he kindly sent me a donation of 5m ISK!

5m ISK from Tyrambo

Thanks Tyrambo!

Khaza Elliott > o/
Khaza Elliott > Pix Severus oh you’re the guy with the blog
Khaza Elliott > read that a while ago. mad props
Khaza Elliott > knew that name sounded familiar

Unfortunately, I wasn’t around when Khaza dropped these nice comments in the channel for me. Khaza did become somewhat of a regular in the channel for a while though. Thanks Khaza! Drop by again sometime!

MTU Hunting chat channel

Sometimes my language can become quite colourful, please excuse me. After 4 years of running level 4 security missions, my attitude towards them has soured somewhat. I don’t regret the knowledge I’ve gained from it though, as it has proven very useful in my MTU hunting career on numerous occasions.

Grande Castora > o7
Grande Castora > got question – killing mtu makes you suspect or not? trigger concord?
Pix Severus > o/
Pix Severus > makes you suspect, doesnt trigger concord, doesnt give kill rights
Grande Castora > aha.. but with suspec can i dock stations?
Grande Castora > or better just stay in safe spot?
Pix Severus > you can dock as suspect, yes, but you get a 1min weapon timer after the MTU dies, you have to wait for that first minute before you can dock or use a gate
Pix Severus > if you want to dock safely, fly to a station, get close to it, and create a bookmark/location, then warp to that, you will be at 0 on the station and can dock immediately
Pix Severus > can just stay in the safe spot too, but watch out for others probing you down :)
Grande Castora > heh:)
Grande Castora > du i need much dps to kill mtu?
Grande Castora > do*
Pix Severus > the more dps the better, they can take a while to go down, takes a couple of mins in my svipul (500dps)
Pix Severus > 2-3 mins
Grande Castora > but owner of mtu got any notification that this mtu is under attack?
Pix Severus > im not entirely sure, but ive never had an mtu owner come back
Pix Severus > they get the killmail message after it pops
Grande Castora > aha…so u just sit and kill. looking for d sacn for probing down
Pix Severus > keep an eye on dscan when shooting the mtu, yes
Pix Severus > dont do what i did once, i forgot to recall my combat probes, saw them on dscan when i was killing an mtu, and scared myself!
Grande Castora > xD
Pix Severus > lol
Grande Castora > cool. thx for all answers. ill try that:) gl in your journey
Grande Castora > cu
Grande Castora > o7
Pix Severus > cheers, seeya o/

Here we have a pleasant and educational chat with Grande Castora, who was looking for more information on how to go about hunting MTUs. If you ever have any questions regarding it, I am always here to help.

Edit: In regards to the question above about the MTU’s owner getting a norification that it’s under attack or not, I can now answer this question. Huge thanks to Purgo, who just went out and shot his out-of-corp alt’s MTU to test this theory, we can confirm that the MTU’s owner does NOT get a notification when it is under attack. They will only get the lossmail notification after the MTU dies.

MTU Hunting chat channel

You heard it here first, folks. Get to hunting! You’d better know your MTU-fu though.

MTU Hunting chat channel

Some of the old memes are still the best, here is the one I referenced in this screenshot.

There are more of these to come, so stick around, or better yet join the channel in-game by clicking on the big E in the top-left of your game window, go to Social > Chat Channels, then type ‘MTU Hunting’ in the search box and click Join. The channel’s MOTD is updated whenever I upload a new blog post, so it’s a great way to stay up to date. Please do bear in mind the channel isn’t always active, depending on timezones, etc.

Speaking of the MTU Hunting chat channel, I recently met Ax’l Thorne, a master of MTU hunting and highsec shenanigans, in that very channel. He expressed a desire to start a blog of his own, to tell some of the crazy stories he has accumulated in his time in New Eden, and I encouraged him to do so. Here it is: The Thorne in Your Side
(I came up with the name, hehe).

I also recently came into contact with a fellow named Rami Taredi, an accomplished MTU hunter, suspect baiter, and PvPer, who just so happens to have an alt in my corp. He has had quite the adventure in his time in New Eden, and he has great style and wit to boot. All of this makes his blog a must-read: Barry’s Piracy
(Look out for the epic 5-parter in which he actually gets someone banned from the game!)

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