MTU Mailbag 5

It’s that time, once again, for me to dig through my backlog of EVEmails and showcase the various comments and questions I receive from pilots across New Eden. Unlike some other hunters out there, I don’t mail the owners of MTUs I have popped, I sit back and let them contact me. I may change this approach in the future though.

EVE Mail DriftedAway

This exchange was sparked after I had received a notification telling me that I had received a Kill Right on DriftedAway. This usually happens when people shoot one of the many containers I leave lying around highsec.

Kill Rights

Most of the time, the people who shoot my containers are gankers who are pulling CONCORD, sometimes though it is a newbie who is curious to see what happens. Needless to say I don’t activate these kill rights very often, but as you can see, I get quite a few of them!

EVE Mail Mag Draco

I agree with Mag that MTU Hunting is a good middle ground activity for those who are interested in killboard interaction, without having to go all-in, and sitting firmly in the “not quite PvP” category (until someone shoots you back). To answer Mag’s question, you could try an Astero or Stratios, but I’d imagine the DPS would be a lot lower than a much cheaper T1 ship that you refit for scanning or combat on the fly.

A good alternative is a Gnosis, as it has bonuses to scanning, good DPS, and plenty of cargo space. (Thanks to Solacia Solette for this info!)

EVE Mail Aewenora

I’m not in this for the money.

Kill: Aewenora (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Additionally, I’m not going to mail the owners of every single MTU I scan down before popping them. That would be silly!

EVE Mail Redcloak Goblin

I love a good, lengthy mail filled with chatlogs and killmails! Speaking of which, let me grab those for you:

Kill: Fama Un (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: Fama Un (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: Fama Un (Mobile Tractor Unit)
Kill: Sookie Stackhouse (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Impressive work there, Mr Goblin! Sookie Stackhouse didn’t seem best pleased to have his mess tidied away for him, but you kept your composure whilst allowing him to vent, proving yourself to be the more mature individual. Sterling work indeed.

EVE Mail Rohkea Avestrii

Thank you Rohkea! I do get around, and come to think of it, it’s been a while since I last visited Josekorn, I’ll head back that way soon. o/

EVE Mail Kargoth Miteraxe

You might think that I received this mail whilst popping this fellow’s MTU, but you’d be wrong, I had actually done.. nothing! In fact, I hadn’t popped any MTUs for several days beforehand, and I was sat in station when this mail came in. I replied to his mail asking him what I should be stopping, but he never replied. Weird.

Speaking of weird, I did actually pop one of his MTUs almost a year later!

Kill: Kargoth Miteraxe (Mobile Tractor Unit)

Small world.

That’s it for this edition of MTU Mailbag, if you have any comments or questions for me, don’t hesitate to send me (Pix Severus) a mail. I reply to almost all mails I receive and there’s a good chance your mail will appear on this blog at some point in the future.

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