Naming Surprises and Cheeky Disguises 3

I honestly wasn’t expecting to make a return to this series so soon, seeing as after multiple years of hunting MTUs I’d only spotted just enough named MTUs to make the last two posts, here, and here. After returning to New Eden from a lengthy break however, it seems that everyone is naming their MTUs these days, and after only a week of hunting I’d already found enough named MTUs to make a new post about it! So, let’s get into it, shall we?


First up, we have an MTU with a Dutch name, this is my first time spotting a named MTU in this language, let’s use an online translator to see what it says!

Translates to: YOUR MOTHER’S BOX

Oh.. Well, let’s move on quickly shall we?


A quick online search found Aboriginal origins for this name, apparently it means ‘sea turtle’ or something.

Kor -azor

This fellow liked to name his MTU after the region he deployed it in for some reason. Or perhaps it was named after the neighbouring system?

urmumhasdownsyndrome holmes

This rather.. inventively named MTU was found in the system of Nakugard, a hotspot for both MTU usage and hunting.

Weltraum Putze

Here we have another MTU from Nakugard, this time with a German name, another first for me! Let’s put it through an online translator.

German: Weltraum Putze
Translates to: Space Cleaning

For some reason, if you capitalise one or more of the words before putting them into an online translator, it can come out as ‘Space Plasters’ instead, odd.


There’s nothing more dangerous than an MTU stuck on the “suck” setting. It’s always best to dispose of them as quickly as possible.

remember locale

Yes, always remember the locale of your MTU, lest a hunter finds it before you!

Annie's MTU and Xand Vacuum

Here we have a double whammy! Proof that you can’t move for named MTUs these days. I had a hard time looking up the meaning of ‘Xand Vacuum’, the only references I could find were mentions of an old type of vacuum cleaner, but unfortunately those references were hidden behind paywalls, thanks nu-internet.

pls don't touch

When I first spotted this MTU, I immediately probed it down, and when I landed on grid with it, a Noctis had just arrived on the scene too, and promptly scooped it up before I could touch it.

I had the last laugh though, two whole nights later, I was hunting through the same area and spotted it on D-Scan again! This time I touched his MTU, I touched it until it exploded.

pls don't touch

Click on image for full size.

Kill: Space Keendary (Mobile Tractor Unit)

I’d just like to thank Rent-A-Dream Pleasure Gardens for the assist! o/

No cheeky disguises this time, I’m just putting these up as I find them, but there will be at least one next time! That’s all for this episode, if you spot any interesting or funny named MTUs out there, please take a screenshot and send it to me (Pix Severus) via EVEmail.

Naming Surprises and Cheeky Disguises 2

3 thoughts on “Naming Surprises and Cheeky Disguises 3

    • You’re lucky! I haven’t bagged a single Packrat since I came back to EVE. It’s interesting to hear that alphas have no trouble scanning those down. I wonder if an alpha could scan down a Magpie though?


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