As many of you are surely aware by now, James 315 finally finished his blog, MinerBumping, after 8 glorious years of non-stop victory. His blog will no longer be updated, which has created a void in ganking-related content that will be hard to fill. It is still a treasure-trove of great content, though, and I am personally reading through the entire blog again from the beginning!

This doesn’t mean the end of CODE. and The New Order of Highsec, though, far from it, I am assured that The Code will continue to be upheld ad infinitum until the servers finally go dark. Also, CODE. now have a new blog at James 315 Space, so if you find yourself craving your regular dose of carebear tears, check it out!

I would personally like to thank James for keeping so many of us entertained for so many years. You have given us so many laughs, so many tears, and so much quality content, it will all be dearly missed.

Remember folks:

James 315

James is always watching!


As you already know, I have returned to EVE once again to hopefully pick-up where I left off. This blog will now receive regular updates of maybe once or twice a week from now on, for as long as I’m able. I’d love to post more, but I simply do not have the time these days. I’ve had a number of posts in the drafting stage for a long time now, including the latest series on POS bashing (which starts here) and I want to finally get those stories out to you.

There is now a new Links page on the sidebar to the left, this page contains links to useful EVE-related resources, and some of my favourite blogs. If you have a site that you would like to see added to the page, drop a comment on this blog or contact me (Pix Severus) in-game.

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