MTU Hunting 101

I decided to write a guide on how to hunt MTUs to give people a better idea of what I actually do on a hunt. Hopefully I have made it easy enough to understand that anyone interested can give it a go too, whether they have any prior experience in scanning or not.

MTU Hunting 101
(There is also a permanent link to the guide in the sidebar)

The guide will show you many of the aspects involved in hunting MTUs, from finding them, to scanning them down, to ultimately destroying them. Also included in the guide are tips to using the Agent Finder, bookmarks, and the overview.

You can now also find a link to my MTU Hunter Overview Profile in my bio in-game.

MTU Hunting 101

Click on image for full size.

I taught myself how to scan in EVE Online through trial and error, so I may do things differently to others. If you have any tips on improving the guide, spot any errors, or if you have trouble following any part of the guide, please leave a comment on this post.

Finally, if you do follow the guide and manage to get a successful MTU kill, please show us your killmail in a comment on this post. The first 3 players to post their MTU killmails in this post will win 50m ISK each! All MTU kills must have been made after the date of this post. This offer won’t end until 3 killmails have been posted here.

Happy hunting!

11 thoughts on “MTU Hunting 101

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    • Wow, what a kill! Congratulations on finding an MTU with the remains of a blingy ship inside. Also, enjoy your 50m ISK prize, you earned it!

      See you out there. o/


  2. Hiya Pix I am sort of a noob left the game 2 years ago and just jumped back in and really didnt play long but its people like you that keep me coming back with your guide and stories ( Love them ) Anyways I have about 5.5 million SP on my character and am working on the final stages of the skills you showed in your guide… I was wondering, I can not dual box at this time and can not use two accounts so is this possible with one character? And what dps ship and fitting do you recommend to pop the MTU’s and defend myself if fired upon? Thanks…

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    • Apologies for the late reply. I do this solo, so it is indeed very possible with one character. I recommend any T3 ship for this, as they can fit probe launchers along with good damage capabilities.


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