Vocal Local 2

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

So when I saw someone trying, in vain, to talk to someone who had blocked them, I just had to intervene.

PI Tool1 > i haz a sad. tota laz blocked me. and i just wanted to make good on all the butthurt i inflicted and invite him to join me =(
PI Tool1 > i did switch chars and salv his miners and MTUs, after all. but that’s besides the point
PI Tool1 > talk to me man
PI Tool1 > cant block me from local =)
Planetary Genocide > if he blocked you he can’t see what you’re saying though
Planetary Genocide > retard

Some EVE players can be pretty mean, and will call you names for not understanding every mechanic in the game.

Local Chat

As you can see, I didn’t have the full conversation screenshotted.

Local Chat

PI Tool1 > pix: post this pls and i’ll give you 5m: tota, this is totaly not gay and not creepy, unblock me and contact me by yourself, i want to help you out. PI.
Pix Severus > [00:25:33] PI Tool1 > tota, this is totaly not gay and not creepy, unblock me and contact me by yourself, i want to help you out. PI.

After this, my wallet flashed with the addition of 5m ISK, not a bad payment for a little copy and paste work.

Pix Severus > thanks o7 good luck with your endeavors PI
PI Tool1 > pleasure doing business with Pix Severus

There you have it, proof that talking in local can quite literally pay-off.

Next up is a different conversation in local that was sparked due to me docking at a station at the same time as another player, whilst under suspect status.

Local Chat

Notice how I didn’t call him a retard for thinking that being under a suspect timer meant I was hunting him.

Local Chat

A player who isn’t afraid to ask questions will go far in EVE.

Local Chat

One simple question in local resulted in a pleasant chat with fellow players.

Local Chat

It’s nice to know I’m making a difference.

Vocal Local 1

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