Empty You

Some time after starting MTU hunting I decided to create a new corporation dedicated to the project, so I left my old highsec ganking corp and founded Empty You [EMTU].

Empty You

Yes, friendly fire is legal.

I do wonder, was the obvious pun based on the acronym “MTU” intended by CCP when they created them? If anyone knows the answer for certain, please let me know.

I’m happy with this corp name, and it will remain somewhat relevant even after I finish this project and eventually return to ganking. I’m not too happy with the corp logo though, I tried to make it look like an MTU, but I’m sure it could be done a lot better. If anyone reading this can come up with a better logo, post it in the comments or send me a mail in-game, you’ll be rewarded for your time. I also need to change the corp URL since the EVE Wiki no longer exists, I’ll use the URL for this blog instead.

Corporation Killboard

Whilst I consider MTU Hunting to be very much a solo career choice, the corp is open for membership regardless. So if you want a corp to rest an alt in, steal the whopping 5.2m ISK in the corp wallet, or try to AWOX me, send in an application today! If you are relatively new to EVE, and genuinely interested in hunting down MTUs and wish to join, just be aware that I choose activities such as ganking and MTU popping because I am online very sporadically throughout the day. Doing activities like these allows me to log on for half an hour and feel like I have “achieved” something by the time I log off again, even if I only popped one MTU, or a shuttle, or something. For that reason, you shouldn’t join this corp on your main character, you’d be better off joining a corp with more members and active recruitment. I’m always happy to teach and give tips on scanning down MTUs to anyone who contacts me in-game anyway.

Which reminds me, I’ll be putting up a step-by-step guide to hunting down MTUs on this blog in the near future, it will have lots of pretty screencaps and everything, so keep an eye out for that.

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