Vocal Local 2

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

So when I saw someone trying, in vain, to talk to someone who had blocked them, I just had to intervene.

PI Tool1 > i haz a sad. tota laz blocked me. and i just wanted to make good on all the butthurt i inflicted and invite him to join me =(
PI Tool1 > i did switch chars and salv his miners and MTUs, after all. but that’s besides the point
PI Tool1 > talk to me man
PI Tool1 > cant block me from local =)
Planetary Genocide > if he blocked you he can’t see what you’re saying though
Planetary Genocide > retard

Some EVE players can be pretty mean, and will call you names for not understanding every mechanic in the game.

Local Chat

As you can see, I didn’t have the full conversation screenshotted.

Local Chat

PI Tool1 > pix: post this pls and i’ll give you 5m: tota, this is totaly not gay and not creepy, unblock me and contact me by yourself, i want to help you out. PI.
Pix Severus > [00:25:33] PI Tool1 > tota, this is totaly not gay and not creepy, unblock me and contact me by yourself, i want to help you out. PI.

After this, my wallet flashed with the addition of 5m ISK, not a bad payment for a little copy and paste work.

Pix Severus > thanks o7 good luck with your endeavors PI
PI Tool1 > pleasure doing business with Pix Severus

There you have it, proof that talking in local can quite literally pay-off.

Next up is a different conversation in local that was sparked due to me docking at a station at the same time as another player, whilst under suspect status.

Local Chat

Notice how I didn’t call him a retard for thinking that being under a suspect timer meant I was hunting him.

Local Chat

A player who isn’t afraid to ask questions will go far in EVE.

Local Chat

One simple question in local resulted in a pleasant chat with fellow players.

Local Chat

It’s nice to know I’m making a difference.

Vocal Local 1


Empty You

Some time after starting MTU hunting I decided to create a new corporation dedicated to the project, so I left my old highsec ganking corp and founded Empty You [EMTU].

Empty You

Yes, friendly fire is legal.

I do wonder, was the obvious pun based on the acronym “MTU” intended by CCP when they created them? If anyone knows the answer for certain, please let me know.

I’m happy with this corp name, and it will remain somewhat relevant even after I finish this project and eventually return to ganking. I’m not too happy with the corp logo though, I tried to make it look like an MTU, but I’m sure it could be done a lot better. If anyone reading this can come up with a better logo, post it in the comments or send me a mail in-game, you’ll be rewarded for your time. I also need to change the corp URL since the EVE Wiki no longer exists, I’ll use the URL for this blog instead.

Corporation Killboard

Whilst I consider MTU Hunting to be very much a solo career choice, the corp is open for membership regardless. So if you want a corp to rest an alt in, steal the whopping 5.2m ISK in the corp wallet, or try to AWOX me, send in an application today! If you are relatively new to EVE, and genuinely interested in hunting down MTUs and wish to join, just be aware that I choose activities such as ganking and MTU popping because I am online very sporadically throughout the day. Doing activities like these allows me to log on for half an hour and feel like I have “achieved” something by the time I log off again, even if I only popped one MTU, or a shuttle, or something. For that reason, you shouldn’t join this corp on your main character, you’d be better off joining a corp with more members and active recruitment. I’m always happy to teach and give tips on scanning down MTUs to anyone who contacts me in-game anyway.

Which reminds me, I’ll be putting up a step-by-step guide to hunting down MTUs on this blog in the near future, it will have lots of pretty screencaps and everything, so keep an eye out for that.

The Holy Grail?

One of the ways I like to hunt MTUs is to set a very long route to the outer edges of highsec, and skirt along the border of lowsec, visiting as many systems along the way as possible. This can result in some very long (100+ jump) routes with many added waypoints, so I don’t miss any systems. I was on my way back from my first such excursion when I happened upon the holy grail of abandoned MTUs, sitting only just inside D-Scan range, mid-warp between celestials in a system called Akhragan.

Kill: Wulfgar WarHammer (Mobile Tractor Unit)

There were only 3 people in local, including myself, and the MTU’s owner wasn’t one of them. Speaking of the owner, I instantly recognised his avatar as he used to post on the EVE Forums a couple of years back. Anyway, this MTU was well and truly abandoned, there were no wrecks, and the mission it was placed in had long since despawned.

MTU Loot

Loot Fairy was kind.

After I had finished celebrating getting my long-awaited payday, I analysed the killmail. This fellow had deployed an MTU in his mission, lost his faction-fitted battleship to the mission rats, and then had his own ship wreck sucked back into his MTU. Not only was there a chance for his high-value mods to be destroyed upon the loss of his ship, but there was a further chance of it through the MTU loss too. To add to that, the MTU’s owner didn’t return to scoop it for some reason, did he ragequit, perhaps? Finally, MTUs despawn if left abandoned for 2 days, who knows how long it had been sat there, it could have been minutes, even seconds from despawning before I found it. With all these variables taken into account, getting such a payout from an MTU was very lucky indeed.

A few months ago when I first started this project, if you had asked me what I thought the holy grail of MTU kills was, I would have told you that it would most likely be an MTU filled with faction loot. Well, having found it after my 101st MTU kill, it was time to move the goalposts. The new holy grail of MTU kills is to find one filled with officer loot.