Vocal Local

One thing I have noticed during my travels throughout highsec space is just how quiet it is, there could be over 100 people in local, and not a single word is uttered between those players. This makes me sad, so I like to encourage discourse where possible.

Sometimes, however, I don’t even need to say a word to get other players talking.

Local Chat

Whilst shooting MTUs you gain suspect status for a period of 15 minutes, also known as “going yellow flashy”, this is indicated by a flashing yellow skull next your name in local.

Local Chat

It would seem that most people instantly become suspicious the moment you go suspect. Also, why do people keep calling me creepy? It’s creeping me out.

Local Chat

Going suspect isn’t the only way you’ll have attention drawn to you when you’re out MTU hunting.

Local Chat

Sometimes honesty will get you nowhere, and simply having a highsec career other than mining and mission running will be enough to scare away the locals.

Local Chat

Local Chat

See what I mean? How about one more for the road?

Local Chat


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