Initiation of an MTU Hunter

In my previous post I explained the initial reasoning behind my decision to become an MTU Hunter, in this post I will go through the steps I had to take to start actively hunting MTUs down.

Before I could do anything in highsec besides ganking, I needed to repair my -10 security status (a side-effect that comes from being naughty in highsec). So I bought some security tags and headed over to the lowsec system Evati to hand them in, and brought my security status up to -2. Now that I could travel through highsec mostly unmolested (I still had a couple of global killrights on my head), I needed a ship to go hunting in. Pix used to be my trading/hauling alt who I later repurposed as a suicide ganker, so I only had the skills to fly a limited number of ships (my scanning skills were almost non-existent too, but I’ll get into that later). Upon arriving home in Hek, I checked my ship hangar for suitable ships and found my old interceptor, a Raptor. “That’ll do.”


Clever girl.

After dusting off the Raptor and renaming it to “ur mum lol” I set off to scour the local belts for my first MTU. During this time I had various scanning skills in training, so I would be hunting for MTUs using D-Scan only for the time being. It wasn’t long before I found my first target, only it wasn’t what you’d expect, it was the retarded half-cousin to the MTU, the Mobile Micro Jump Unit (MMJU).

Kill: Boo Neiko (Mobile Micro Jump Unit)

I was surprised at how quickly this thing popped, but MMJUs don’t even drop loot, I still desperately needed to lose my MTU virginity. I had just made my first mobile deployable structure kill though, I was on the right path at least. It was later that night when I found my second target, and my first MTU, which was laying abandoned in an asteroid belt. Why was it left there? How long had it been there? What riches could be inside?

Kill: Dar Egis (Mobile Tractor Unit)

I took my metal scrap and giggled like a schoolgirl, I had done it! My first step towards becoming an MTU hunter had been taken, but I knew I still had a long road ahead of me. For one, I definitely needed to improve my MTU/hr ratio if I wanted to become New Eden’s premier MTU removal expert.

Part 3

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